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Amiga Games > B > Bobo


Genre: Not Specified    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Mattfromderby) Added on: 11/03/2009
Stir Crazy featuring Bobo is a classic game about a prisoner doing his best to escape. The game is made up of several short sequences which are each over in a matter of seconds! They do, however, offer considerable enjoyment. The joystick plays a major part in gameplay, especially in the round where Bobo is asked to peel an increasingly huge pile of potatoes. The joystick is jerked from side to side to imitate the action of potato peeling, but every few seconds a further delivery of unpeeled potatoes arrives down a chute and, if Bobo is too slow, the game concludes with him being buried by them.

Other levels offering frantic activity include Bobo's escape from prison on a set of telegraph wires. The player must use the joystick to make Bobo hop between the three parallel lines while avoiding sparks of electricity. If he touches a spark, a scream is heard and Bobo falls to certain death on the ground.
A further level is his attempt to bounce fellow inmates out of the prison compound using a trampoline. The player controls Bobo as he moves the trampoline from left to right on the ground in front of the prison. Various fellow prisoners take their lives into their hands as they appear from windows several stores up in the goal before falling onto, what they hope, is the safety of the trampoline.
No Thumbnail available
If the trampoline is moved to the correct spot, the prisoner will fly off at just the right angle to make his escape from the compound.
In prison, it can be tough to get a good night's sleep. In one level, Bobo is continually disturbed by the snoring of other inmates in his dormitory. He has to rush around the room, pacifying them while avoiding a bed pan on the floor which is very easy to trip over. If he trips, he wakes everyone up.
A round with a similar structure involves Bobo having to feed several prisoners at one time. He has to ladle out porridge quicker than they can finish their previous helping. Failure results in Bobo collapsed on the floor of the dining room with a pot of porridge over his head.
The graphics are, of course, very simple by modern standards, but this only adds to the charm of this legendary Commodore Amiga title.

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