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Amiga Games > K > Kings Quest 5

Kings Quest 5

Genre: Not Specified    |     Year: 1990    |     Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.    |     Developer: Sierra On-Line
Game Review (written by Guzba) Added on: 11/12/2006
Kings quest is part of a large series of adventure games designed by Sierra.
The game itself was released in November of 1990 and quickly became the best selling computer game up until that point in time.
In the game you play as King Graham, a knight who was given this position as a reward for services rendered to King Edward in a previous game. (Kinds Quest I)
While King Graham is out on a walk an evil sorcerer named Mordack casts a spell upon King Graham's castle and family within, causing it to disappear.

Cedric, a witness' to the event; brings you to Serenia and with the aid of Crispin (A friendly old wizard) you try to save your family from the evil wizard.
The game was amazing for its time period, but was aimed towards an adult/teen audience due to the nature of many of the riddles/puzzles in the game.
To fully understand the plot you would have to play the former games in the Kings Quest series, but if you simply are seeking a small game to pass the time, don't be afraid to choose this.
On the down side there are an innumerable amount of opportunities for you to screw up so badly in this game that you are forced to load either a past save point,
Kings Quest 5Kings Quest 5Kings Quest 5
or restart the game altogether. As well there is the maze, little over halfway through the game you are forced to travel through a maze, with no orientation what so ever. So basically you can either get through it quickly or you can stumble around in it for several hours.
For me, it was the later of those two options and I eventually got to the point where I wanted to rip my hair out. Thankfully, it is possible to get through and that is the only reason why I am not bald today.
Finally there is the Cedric, as mentioned before he was the witness to the disappearance of the castle. Yet he decides that he wants to help you throughout the entire quest and he actually is more of a hindrance to you then a boon.
Giving you annoying and obvious tips, long winded speeches and then there is the fact that you have to rescue him about 20 times. Well, he just was altogether annoying.
I would give this game a 4/5 simply because I love the storyline but it was simply too frustrating to receive a better mark.
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Sstengar (02/28/2011)
I absolutely loved this game when I was younger, it was challenging and had decent versatility.
Nisern (07/10/2009)
I loved this game when I was a little kid. It was fun to play when riddles were more challenging. This game and myst.
Shawn (03/23/2009)
I remember the good times me and my friend used to have with this game it was the first game I got for my pc and we spent hours trying to beat it, those were really good times.
Kerrimay217 (09/09/2008)
This is an awesome game, great way to get yourself started with MTG. Is a great starter for those who may not have alot of others around them who play magic and still would like to get the feel of the game.
Mx6dave (07/04/2008)
My mom, sister and I always played this when I was younger. It was the best game at the time. Graphics were phenominal for it's time. Gameplay was great, the puzzles were challenging. Great story, and one of the best series of games EVER made.
Laurenc (04/24/2008)
This was the game my parents bought us with our first ever computer. I remember playing it and drawing detailed maps of where to go and what to collect. And I still never finished it. But I still remember how much fun it was to play it. It was certainly an adventure.
Andrew (03/19/2008)
I played this when I was about 11 and really enjoyed gameplay. I may even play it again to bring back the fond memories
Francheska (02/22/2008)
I remember this game! I was a kid and I though this game was so hard! Looking back I remember how much fun I had playing this game and what a challenge it was for me at the time!
Jwatt (02/18/2008)
I played the King Quest series through my childhood! At the time the game play and graphics were amazing. The last one I played in the series was 4. I'm glad to see this website has 5 available for download. What ever happened to them; why didn't Sierra Design continue to make these? The Police Quest and Space Quest games were a thrill as well. These all consumed many hours of my childhood.
Jcook1 (01/05/2008)
This is a great game that I enjoyed playing as a kid.
Nick (12/11/2007)
This game is great!

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