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Amiga Games > T > The Settlers

The Settlers

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: 1993    |     Publisher: Strategic Simulations, Inc.    |     Developer: Blue Byte
Game Review (written by Pcannon) Added on: 10/05/2006
The Settlers is a Real Time Strategy game, which according to my research was first released in 1993 for the Commodore Amiga and PC by German developer Blue Byte Software. The game involves constructing a settlement for your settlers/people. This also involves ensuring your people can eat and survive, thus you build homes for bakers, farmers and fishermen. You will also have to defend your people against attack and start your own invasions on your opponents to ensure you are getting the best land.

Your knights who defend your people have a constant need for gold which you must supply. But, producing the gold involves up to 25 workers who all depend on each other. Your farmers grow the wheat for the miller, who then turns it into flour for the baker; he then makes the bread which the ore miners eat to give them the energy to get the gold for the knights.
You will have to constantly build new roads, buildings, mines and boats, so it can get pretty hectic. Be careful not to build a large settlement over a vast distance as this can mean you run out of resources later.
To keep you up to date with the goings on in your settlement you
The SettlersThe SettlersThe Settlers
have tables and statistics with information about your people. You can also adjust the supply of goods and you can make your knights more or less aggressive, which is handy in times of war. You can also play this game two player using a vertical split screen. The other settlers are controlled by the computer and vary from being placid to aggressive. Each settlement’s workers have different colored outfits so you can identify whose is whose.
You may think that this game sounds like far too much work and far too hectic to be enjoyable, but you are wrong. Once you get started it is hard to stop. I originally started playing this game around 1993 -1994 when it was first released and would spend hours glued to the screen, much to the annoyance of my younger brother.
I recently downloaded this again and thought it could not be as good as I remember. I was wrong! The playability is just as addictive and the graphics are pretty good for the age of the game. The pace is pretty slow compared to a lot modern games and you spend most of your time watching the farmers and other people perform the daily tasks. But it does not seem to matter as the amusing fight scenes when you defend your people make up for the last half hour of watching your fisherman catch fish.
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Hardbrown (02/27/2011)
love the settlers! although loved ot so much it took up lots of time that should have been spent doing homework or revising.
Talisman018 (05/16/2009)
In case anyone's interested, this game has been remade for the Nintendo DS. It's mostly a sim game now, where your focus is to build your new colony. Great game.
Alifell (04/28/2009)
Really great game. Those were the days, sitting up all night playing the king. I cant believe I've found it, as I couldn't find it in the shops.
Chesterwig (10/25/2008)
One of my all time favorite games for the Amiga. Spent hours watching them little fellas working away! sad I know.
Dalemaugham (10/07/2008)
Spent many all night sessions on this back in the 90's. The game play was well before its time.
Ellieloulou (08/10/2008)
I loved this when I was little and still do! It is a classic! It's an addictive and fun game, a must to download!
A4135979 (07/25/2008)
What a game! I used to play this 2 player with my older brother, and I loved it. Even now though the gameplay is brilliant.
Rexmund9 (06/14/2008)
How addictive was this game? Pure genius! I remember never getting tired of it back in the day. I tried looking for it in the shops but couldn't find it anywhere.
Elwood d. blues (05/03/2008)
Simply the best game I've ever played. Simple and complex at the same time. Great! I enjoyed playing it since I was a child, and I continue today (but 14 years have gone)!
Blueleopold (04/14/2008)
One of the greatest ever computer games of tactics, will and skill! It requires a good mind and cunning. I recommend this game to anyone who fancies a good challenge
Danny (04/12/2008)
The settlers games are my all time favourite games ever the first game being the best of course
Weejum (02/28/2008)
It’s a super and marvelous game! I highly recommend download it.
Eater1981 (11/26/2007)
It’s my favorite game on the Amiga ever.
Migotka (11/18/2007)
this is one of the best amiga's game. it's a classic game! i love it. great strategy, battles are not bad ;)
Thorongil (09/22/2007)
This game is fantastic for people who want to relax and do other things while playing a game. Awesome strategy, just wish the battles were better.
Blackjm75 (07/22/2007)
Classic game! Kept me entertained for hours on end as a kid! Simple but very effective

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