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Amiga Games > T > Theme Park

Theme Park

Genre: Not Specified    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Tubby7) Added on: 02/03/2007
Theme park is a fantastic game that probably inspired the likes of "The Sims». Your main objective is to build a theme park from scratch with the budget you are given. With this money you must build rides, snack bars, toilets and anything else that will get people through the door and more importantly, keep them there.
The more people that walk through the gates, the more money you make. This also means that you must keep buying new attractions to keep everyone happy.

You have a birds-eye view over the entire park with the ability to zoom in or zoom out as far as you wish. Each visitor to your park has a different icon above their head which signifies their mood as well as their needs.
It is even up to you to lay the paths that the guests walk on. Also, why not do a bit of landscape gardening by planting trees, plants and bushes around for your guests to look at.
The bigger your park gets, the more people come through the door. This may be good for ticket sales but what happens with all the rubbish and litter that is left around your park? It is also down to you to employ staff
No Thumbnail available
to keep the running of the park smoothly.
The best features of theme park are the rides. With a small budget you can only afford smaller rides but as the game develops you can spend lots of time building roller coasters. This includes loop’d’ loops, sharp bends, log flumes and pretty much anything you can imagine! The only thing you must be aware of is the running of the rollercoaster as these also need maintenance. If the ride breaks, you put your guests at risk by keeping it open and not getting it repaired.
All in all, Theme park is a classic and it is a real shame that they don't make newer versions in the series. It is great fun for kids and adults alike (especially if you consider yourself a bit of a businessman). You have complete control over all aspects of the park and it can become infuriating when nobody comes to the park.
If you think that you have the skills, why not buy a new plot of land somewhere else in the world (i.e. Florida) and try to compete with the likes of Disneyworld for ultimate supremacy.
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Tbenson5 (07/25/2009)
So much fun. Cant believe I'm playing this game after 10 years, and still having as much fun.
Sunseasand (06/23/2009)
Download this game. It is fun and never gets broing. Like so many others, I loved this as child. Brings back happy times. It is such a good game!
Cem1784 (11/29/2008)
I love this game! Have been playing it since I was about 10 and I never seem to get bored with it, even 14 years later! This is one game I shall always play!
Ocha_preaty (10/27/2008)
I remember this game, It taught me alot about business when I was just a kid. In fact it was the first game I ever sold. By the time I actually lost the game I had made about 20 GBP from it. I love the rides and the way you get more rides the better you play. I prefer this version as to the newer versions that have come out over time.
Kellr4227 (10/21/2008)
I bought this game when I was a kid, I thought it was brilliant and was never off the thing, now I want the game back after talking about it with my boyfriend. I loved building the theme park, people vomitting, and the staff cleaning up after people throwing litter. I can't remember much of how to use the game but I want to download it to take a blast into my past!
Kellr4227 (10/20/2008)
What a tremendous game! I first got this on the PC about 10 years ago and I spent about 3 months trying to master it! I always thought the best way was to put loads of salt in the chips so the people got thirsty but then they puked and you had to get the man to come and clean the vom up.
Fliptrik87 (09/29/2008)
One of the best games ever to be created, hands down. Don't let the graphics fool you, this game will have you playing for hours on end.
Chulk (06/05/2008)
The best (I really mean it) sim game! Very entertaining even today, more than 10 years later! Just play it, and you won't be dissapointed!
Orin242 (08/15/2007)
One of the best DOS based games ever made, still fun 10 years later. Management of stock can be a bit of a chore but on the whole it was manageable. Personally I liked to beef up my stats by focusing all the guests towards the same "end" point using one way paths, and at that end point sticking the worlds longest tube ride to keep them happy when they are moody and ready to leave. Similar tactics can be used with your roller coasters.

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