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C64 Games > C > Chips Challenge

Chips Challenge

Genre: Puzzle    |     Year: 1990    |     Publisher: Epyx    |     Developer: Epyx
Game Review (written by Newgent) Added on: 11/21/2006
Chips Challenge is the first puzzle game I every played. I remember my brothers and I playing it for hours on end, and evenly being kicked off the computer by our mother. We loved the game so much that once out mother left for work, we would unlock the computer with a paper clip (yes computers use to have locks on them) and play. My brothers and I were not the only ones that loved the game; our mother played it as well.
If we could not figure out a puzzle she would come down and help us out, it was not long before she started playing by her self.
The game was so simply designed that it made it such a treat to play. Unlike todayís games, there was no glimmer, special effect, movie clips to this game, just good old fun. There were about 150 levels in the game, each on was a new puzzle that you had to solve. To solve the puzzles, you move Chip, around the screen moving blocks, skating on ice, and collecting objects. Every level was different and challenged you in a new way. At the end of every level you get a password that lets you come back to the same level
Chips ChallengeChips ChallengeChips Challenge
again. The longer you play and the more levels you complete the more interesting and sometimes challenging the puzzles get.
Since this game is a puzzle game, easy to play and simple to learn it is perfect for anybody of any age to play this game. There are no violent scenes, or inappropriate langue in this game. Chips challenge is the perfect game for young children to play. It will keep them entertained for hours, and parents donít have to worry what their children might be learning from the computer. Parents can also play along with their children and help them threw the more challenging puzzles. Donít get the idea that this is a sappy childís game, because it is not. This game is ideal for any age and any level of skill. The more puzzles you solve the smarter you will feel.
Chips Challenge was designed as a free game installed with windows, and it was one of the best ever made. Unfortunately it never made it further then that, but there are many other games that have taken up the rains of great interactive puzzle games. Another great puzzle game is The Incredible Machines II, my new favorite puzzle game. Though Chips Challenge did not educate you in many things well you played like Incredible machines does, it is still a great game that everybody how loves puzzles should try.
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Becca2929 (07/23/2009)
I don't think that there is one person that has played this game that didn't get addicted it. What can you say it is a great classic.
Rose_267 (03/10/2009)
I love this game! I remember playing it all the time back in the day. I can't wait to get totally addicted to it again!
Hollybotham (12/23/2008)
Chips Challenge is a great puzzle game! My sister and I would take turns trying to figure out each of the levels. Each time we cleared a level we would write down the code on a clipboard next to the computer. I think it was about 2 or 3 pages long! We loved this game!
Idance (09/26/2008)
I love this game! I can play for hours. I haven't played it forever and I'm so happy I found it and can download it here.
Falkineye (09/14/2008)
One of the best games I've ever played, very addicting and very fun. Some of the levels are very challenging, and that's the best part.
Sarah doyle (04/21/2008)
I love this game.
Muttbo (12/11/2007)
I miss this game so much, I never did get to finish it and wanted too.
Kimberlyms18 (12/11/2007)
I love this game. It's one of the greatest games ever!
Nathalia (11/23/2007)
This is marvelous game!
Damali (11/19/2007)
I loved playing this game for hours when I was younger. Then I got a newer computer and never found the game again. It keeps your mind focused on getting to the next level. It is very addictive.
Adamss1 (11/17/2007)
such a cool game!. do yourself a favour and download it!. i loved playing it as a kid. on my old . verrryy old desktop computer. me and my sister used to play it for hours on end. we even made a folder to write down all the level codes. wooo!
Zero616 (11/14/2007)
I used to play this a long time ago and loved it. Sure you will love it too.
Emiliasid (11/07/2007)
My favorite game from when I was a kid! I would play this game hours on end. Lately I've gotten the urge up to find all my favorite old games, this one was the first to come to mind.
Cekegren (10/03/2007)
This game is great. I played this game when I was younger and it was fun stuff.
Tindomiel (09/15/2007)
Love this game when I was younger, cant wait to play it again. Only got up to about level 50 when I first played it. Then we got a new computer and I lost the game
S_nwogu (09/03/2007)
It’s the greatest game ever! It’ll definitely keep you busy. Plus, each level is different and keeps your mind thinking.
Animeangel151 (08/09/2007)
I love this game.
Animeangel151 (08/09/2007)
Good game.
Tshutt (07/28/2007)
It's one of my favorite games ever in the whole wide world. But watch out, it's very addicting.
Nick (07/04/2007)
Chips Challenge is the best game in the world.
Cool cathy (06/28/2007)
This game rocks.
Yorksweetie (06/24/2007)
This game is very addictively awesome! I canít stop playing this game.

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