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C64 Games > D > Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1986    |     Publisher: Atarisoft    |     Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Game Review (written by Heathrroxx) Added on: 10/18/2006
When I was a young kid, I first found this game in an old fashioned arcade at a local amusement park and I was hooked. I have the Donkey Kong 64 game for Nintendo 64, and I was so excited when I found out this version was on there. The goal of the game is to complete the first three levels as Mario to rescue his girlfriend Peach from the clutches of a giant gorilla named Donkey Kong. On the fourth level is when you actually defeat him.

The first level is very standard and a warm up for new players; just jump over the barrels and make your way to the top via the ladders, but watch out for any barrels that may decide to take a shortcut down them as well. On the second level it gets a bit tricky. You are on conveyer belts and you have to have to dodge pies and blobs of fire that try and defeat you. Jumping over the pies is tricky, especially if the conveyer belt decides to switch directions in the middle of your jump.
Once you make it to the third level, it gets very complicated. You have to jump onto platforms that move up and down
Donkey KongDonkey KongDonkey Kong
to get to the other side. But if you fall too far, you die. It's very frustrating trying to make it past this level, but thankfully my version gives you an extra life (I am not sure about the vintage arcade machine) so you have two shots at it. If you make it past the platforms you have to face a new challenge: the springs that fall from the sky.
If you are just a fraction of a foot off, you could get hit and then you will lose a life. Itís very tricky especially when you get to the end of that level, because the springs hop and come down on a ladder you are required to climb, making timing extra important. The fourth level is much simpler. You have to jump over the plugs holding the platforms up to make Donkey fall all the way down, but you have to watch out for any of his baddies that try and make things difficult for you.
This game is very challenging and hard to master and can get very frustrating at times, but it is always a challenge. You never know which way the barrels are going to roll or when the fire flames are going to come after you, and that is what makes it great. I recommend it to all ages, young and old. Donkey Kong will be with us for years to come.
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Atekka (07/17/2012)
best game ever! I loved it too. I think this game were in several videogame-room in my city. Every weekend from 1984-1989 I was in such a club where I played days-long term this Donkey Kong game!
Gino vallejos (03/23/2010)
excellent game for the whole family, long time classic, uncomplicated without extra tricks besides resolution and good fun
Dgwaters (11/24/2009)
The C64 version of Donkey Kong, in my opinion, come closest to the arcade version. In some versions, like Atari, the characters look too blocky.
Dmacdmac (09/23/2009)
No, it was not a game for 6 year olds. And no, it was not boring. Me and my teenage buddies used to have lots of fun just spending our time with that silly ape :) . A classic game, like Pac Man and several others.
Batfriend (08/05/2008)
I can't believe Donkey Kong was in 1986. I somehow kept thinking it was earlier than that. This really was and is a classic. From bananas to Mario's squeaky shoes.
Jump over running barrels and monsters that want to get you while you climb scaffoldings to save your sweetheart. One of the first platform games; ported from the original arcade game.

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