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C64 Games > E > Elite


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1985    |     Publisher: Firebird Software Ltd.    |     Developer: (unknown)
Game Review (written by Solust) Added on: 04/10/2007
Before I start, I should tell you that before I played this game I wasn't a fan of flight sims in any way, shape or form. But the previous owner of the Commodore 64 I had been given said I should definitely try it out. So, in the interest of fairness I decided to give it a go. From the moment I loaded the disc till the time the machine broke down, I didn't play anything else!
Elite is a free roaming space sim set in a distant future with you as the pilot of a Cobra MKII space craft with a single objective: - achieve the rank of 'Elite' in your personal profile.
How to do this? In ANY WAY you want.
You could be a trader, buying and selling goods between the many space stations dotted around the galaxy. You could be a bounty hunter, hunting down and destroying the craft of criminals and raiders in exchange for a fat reward from the authorities. Or you could be a pirate, preying on other traders and scooping up their wares from the wreckages of their crafts before flogging it off for a profit, all the while avoiding the authorities. You could be all these things and more if you wanted, all the while gaining notoriety and creeping ever closer to the coveted Elite ranking.
Everything about the original version of the game is very basic, even by the days standards: - black
and white graphics with simple geometric shapes representing planets, space stations and other space craft. There was no narrative or story other than what the introduction in the manual told you, but all this made it easy to get to grips with and left plenty of room for your imagination to fill in the gaps.
The experiences the game gave you were also unique at the time: - Leaving the safety of Lave for the first time. Getting to grips with your crafts controls. Setting course for a new planet. Your first dogfight against marauding pirate craft. The first time you successfully dock with a space station. Bringing up the trade menu and discovering that those crystals you purchased a while back can be sold for 3 times what you paid for them. Then deciding what to do with that money; buy more stock to trade else ware? Buy better weapons for you ship? Maybe purchase a docking computer? The possibilities seemed endless.
Many games have since tried to emulate the experiences that Elite introduced to video gaming, but only a few have come close to the sense of freedom that this game had. Most modern equivalents have been bound by specific storylines or rely on plot heavy set pieces. It may be old, but if you like free roaming adventure, space sims or games that wreak havoc on your social life, then I suggest you give this game a go, be it in its original form or its updated version (with colors and simple shaders).
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Aldo215 (12/07/2008)
One of the best games I have ever played. Very basic, even back then, but incredibly addictive. Best played in the dark to add to the atmosphere, and hours will just fly by. I went on to buy the Atari ST version which was in color but it never managed to capture the spirit of the C64 game. It's such a shame that David Braben and Ian Bell fell out and refuse to patch things up with each other because I would absolutely love to see what they could do with Elite on a modern console like XBox 360 and Playstation 3. I'll just have to keep dreaming.
Theboycalledleaf (10/22/2008)
I'm sure there are other games out there in this genre, but I doubt that any other will give me such pleasure. The game was great. But it's the memories of the converstaions in a morning before going into class at school, people boasting about who they'd shot, what they'd traded and what their status was that will linger with me longer. I want to try similar games, but I just know that none will give me such pleasure, and the C64 version was the best!
Shallowend (09/13/2008)
The hours and even days spent trying to dock without crashing was all worth it once that docking computer was paid for. Summer holidays disappeared in a haze of buying/selling/shooting/flying. Oh Happy Daze!
Sinishadj (09/03/2008)
Best game ever! I've spent many nights and days as a kid playing it. Since PC revolution and all the games I've played, I couldn't forgot all the joy I've had playing ELITE on my first comp, C64.
Rmcmarwan (02/12/2008)
It is a marvellous game, come on and discover it, you will love it so don't miss the chance
Robert (08/13/2007)
It’s fantastic game I ever played.
Jamie thompson (07/25/2007)
I love this game. I have played and played, traded everything, fought with all on comers only to achive the highest ranking of Dangerous!

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