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C64 Games > F > Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1985    |     Publisher: Domark    |     Developer: Domark
Game Review (written by Cebradley101) Added on: 10/24/2006
The single best game ever made for the horror movie genre. This game features the whole deal as the counselors attempt to both stay alive and attempt to kill the super evil Jason Voorhees. Keeping true to the movies, it also features the flying head of Voorheesís mother who was the original kill in the first of the horror installments.
The setting of Camp Crystal Lake set to the same music from the motion picture provides ominous horror and allows the player to believe that the horror hellion is about to leap for the screen and come after them.
The game itself provides the occasional thrill as Jason a man of doom, can sneak up on the player both in cabins and in the walking paths that surround camp Crystal Lake. A superb 10 compared to most of the horror games stemming for the movie of the horror revolution of the early and mid 1980s. Also useful to know is the unlimited supply of weapons featured in the game.
From pitch forks to knives and even the rocks, there are several ways to kill the ominous evil and crazy Jason Voorhees. Several cabins are featured in the game ranging from small to large. The cabins can house Jason Voorhees and counselors alike. They are also a good area in which to find weapons.
Friday The 13thFriday The 13thFriday The 13th
Jasonís Mother's head is somewhere in the forest. The quickest way to kill her is with either the pitch fork or the torches.
Itís keeping with the game-play of the original Nintendo entertainment system. This game does have improved graphics and also allows the player to move in multi dimensional modes instead of the old Nintendo follow the path pattern made famous by the early 80's super Mario brothers games. By allowing multi area moves the game allows the player to create several different battle showdowns with the Hockey Masked psychopath who just wants to use his machete to separate the young counselor's head from his body.
Also as the mother's head is destroyed the machete becomes available for use in the battle scenes with the antagonist of the game. The machete will do lot damage to the enemy. If the game seems too difficult there are several cheat codes available to speed up the game play, such as an invincibility code which makes Jason very beatable.
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Tatodobien (06/19/2011)
Last night I dreamed of this game. I was hunting down Jason. I woke up and said: Will I find it on the web?? I recalled the page and. voila! Thanks a lot!
Damonjones (01/21/2011)
Friday the 13th is awesome. Old school games are the boMb. If they would bring back all of the old nintendo games bak for cell phones would be great. Mike tyson puch out and tecmo super bowl are some of the greatest and favorites of all time
Amore (02/11/2008)
First great movie converted to game.

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