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C64 Games > G > Gorf


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1983    |     Publisher: Commodore Electronics Ltd.    |     Developer: Bally/Midway
Game Review (written by Blainec) Added on: 09/01/2008
It certainly wasn't the best game out there... but the C64 took the cake on this one. I used to love playing the arcade version of Gorf, and I remember that C64's version was actually pretty close. Who doesn't remember Gorf and the robotic voice "insert coin"... lol...

Well if you want something similar to that without the voiceover, play it. It is just another great example of how the C64 was so flexible with the game play. If you remember playing this, you will remember that the flagship level got as hard as the coin-op game after like the 9th level.
.. but like any C64 copy of those games, eventually you could master it because it wasn't costing 25 cents every time. It's a little difficult to play this game on the keyboard, but who really cares? The game is fun to see and to relive some of the old memories.

I like how you could have settings for these games as well. It was much easier to play for long periods of times because of that. Does everyone remember the 5 levels?

1. Space invader knock off: This of course has the force field that protects you... but only when you are NOT shooting. Therefore because you have to shoot the whole time, it is pointless. Ah but the freedom of moving not only sideways, but up and down too.
C64's version of this is REALLY easy...

2. Laser Shooter: Going for a smaller version of Galaxian/Galaga, except the laser shooters made it impossible to move past it, as the ray extends out... C64 version never had really fast laser attackers and they went to a pattern every time.

3. Galaxian: Pretty much identical, but smaller. Again, very easy in the C64 version.

4. Space Warp: Ha... this was REALLY easy in the C64 version... I just loved how the ships looked like the Empire's T-ie Fighters... this was actually the most boring part of the C64 version. I think whoever created the coin-op really put a random factor in it. This version was completely predictable every time.

5. Flagship: My favorite... anyone who liked Star Wars and the single shot that kills the big enemy ship loves this. In the arcade version, I believe you can knock in down with two perfect shots... the challenge in the C64 version was to hit it in one... OR since it was so easy, try to hit the entire ship and have nothing but the power spot left... that was pretty hard.

Wanna taste of the big goofy Red alien bouncing around... try this version. I still haven't seen the real Gorf in any other game... this is fun if you want a little taste. Enjoy!
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Cool_fri (06/16/2011)
This is my father's favourite game from his childood. It's fantastic that he can play it again! :)
Fic61 (04/08/2009)
This was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. This is a wonderful way to re-live my childhood!
Goofydtf (10/15/2008)
Gorf was my most played game! Gorf is better than Space Invaders! And Space Invaders was Famous.
Kenochieng (11/17/2007)
Gorf is a good game and easy to play! I love it!
Mikely1 (10/28/2007)
The game was fully functional, a lot of fun! I would strongly recommend this to anyone who likes action packed and exciting games.
Kris (09/25/2007)
Gorf is a great classic game that I played endlessly when I was a kid. I can't wait to play it again!

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