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C64 Games > G > Gyruss


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1984    |     Publisher: Parker Brothers    |     Developer: Konami Industry Co. Ltd.
Game Review (written by Chrissi) Added on: 01/28/2008
Konami designed a shooting game back in 1983 that was quite appealing to many gamers. This game would happen to be Gyruss. Many had said that the game was very similar to the other game known as Galaga. There were some similarities but Gyruss had a third dimensional perspective used for its design. Your ship will be facing into your screen and be capable of moving in the perimeter of a circle. The game play became known as a tube shooter game and not many took on this type of design.

For the enemies that have been included you will have many starships. Every single one of the starships will have to be destroyed before you will be able to take on the next level. These ships will either come from the centre of the screen or one of the edges of the game coming towards you in a swirling motion. They will have the ability to destroy you as well by either shooting you or coming into contact with your ship.
The starships are not the only enemies in Gyruss. There are also satellites, asteroids, and generators that create laser beams. These can still be destroyed but if you do not do so they will disappear on their own in a certain amount of
time. When it comes to the satellites that will appear in a group of three. They will attempt destroying you by shooting in your direction. If you destroy this enemy your weapon will become a new and better one. This will only occur once though.
The asteroids are not too much of a threat unless you move in to them. They will be positioned to go to either the left or right of your ship, but there is always the chance you move into the path of these asteroids. You will be unable to destroy the asteroids but gain points for successfully hitting them with your shots.
Now the laser beams are a little tricky. They will shoot laser beams directly out from the centre of your screen. You will be attempting to destroy the generator that is creating these beams and once you have done so they will be deactivated and no more beams will be produced from that generator. There are a total of two generators to defeat.
Warps will do the levels. Every time you complete three levels you will be taken to another planet giving you a bonus round to take part in. Once you have completed the Earth levelís bonus stage you will travel throughout three levels to get to Neptune level before the game will go back to the beginning.
Gyruss can be a complicated but amusing game once you get further into the game. There are a large amount of exciting levels each being more challenging than the previous. Take on the task of defeating the universeís enemies and become the best starship ever to face the outer worlds of space.
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Spdalton (11/18/2008)
I used to bribe my sisters for extra computer time when I was a kid - just so I could play for a bit longer. I was addicted for almost a year.
Malaveyd (10/19/2008)
I used to play this game for hours and hours! If you want a good time filler game than this is for you.
Lisa (01/03/2008)
Gyruss is a really good game to download.
Konradoman (08/01/2007)
Liked this game in the 90's! It's really a pleasure to find it on Internet!

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