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C64 Games > I > Impossible Mission 2

Impossible Mission 2

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1988    |     Publisher: Epyx, Inc.    |     Developer: Novotrade
Game Review (written by Chrissi) Added on: 12/10/2007
Impossible Mission II is a great action affiliated game that follows the previous versions plot. You are attempting to stop Elvin Atom bender who is trying to get revenge. There are a few differences between the two games, but the plot follows the same aspects.
You will begin the game in Elvin’s fortress that has a total of nine towers. There are eight towers surrounding one bigger tower. The first eight towers will resemble a certain theme. Some examples of the themes that take place are computers, automobiles and furniture.
Throughout the towers you will travel through different rooms that have been connected with two vertical corridors that have elevators. They also have to horizontal corridors, which will take you to the towers connected to it. You must unlock the towers by figuring out the numerical puzzles, which can be quite complicated to get to the next tower.
Throughout each of the towers there will be numbers ranging from zero to nine in three different colors. You will have to figure out the order of the three numbers to get the code to the door. There is an elevator in the middle tower, which must be unlocked with a password. This password has been encoded into a piece of music. In each of the surrounding
Impossible Mission 2Impossible Mission 2Impossible Mission 2
towers there is a musical piece, which is locked inside a safe. You will have to collect these musical pieces to get into Elvin’s central control room where you will then attempt to defeat him. The one noticeable addition that differs the games apart is the new types of enemies. The new enemies consist of the shovel bot, the suicide bot, the mine bot and the pest bot. Each of these bots does their own special thing, but you must play this game to find that out. There are bombs and mines throughout the entire game that you will be able to collect which can assist in destructing the bots and assist in opening the safes. The bombs will explode after a certain amount of time, but the mines will only explode if touched, keep that part in mind.
Overall, the game is not too difficult. There are some aspects about this game which can become quite complicated, but once you get the hang of what you are suppose to do exactly, then the game will be a breeze. The overall game play in itself is simple, there are not too many tasks you will be taking part in and the enemies are not too difficult to kill or avoid. The game is not a difficult game, but challenging enough to keep you thinking of your next move.
The graphics have been done with an arcade format. The design of the overall game is using a platform system, which makes the details of the game your basic arcade. There isn’t too much detail done to your character or the enemies, but this is okay. Arcade games are not meant to have a lot of detail done to every aspect, just the overly important parts.
Impossible Mission II is a great addition to the sequel. Even though they have the same plots they are both just as interesting as the other. With the addition of new features the games are not entirely different, but different enough that you will enjoy yourself. The game has been done with a great feel to the overall set up of the game. There are not too many difficult tasks, which is a plus for the new gamers. Impossible Mission II is a phenomenal game that anyone who enjoys playing an arcade classic would definitely find themselves overly addicted to this infamous game.
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Peter szigetvari (03/12/2008)
I like this game! I played this game when I was young boy, and finished this game about 15 times. That was awesome.
D poli (10/26/2006)
Awesome game

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