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C64 Games > M > Montezumas Revenge

Montezumas Revenge

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1984    |     Publisher: Parker Brothers    |     Developer: Parker Brothers
Game Review (written by 007evan) Added on: 12/21/2006
Montezuma's Revenge is a classic game that was developed for many different systems, originally published in 1984 by Parker Brothers. It is an action game that combines platforming, with puzzles, treasure and adventure. The title refers to a term describing an intestinal disorder that originates within Mexico. This is exactly the opposite of the game, which leaves you feeling fulfilled and craving more adventure.
The main character of the story is Panama Joe, a picturesque Indiana-Jones type character. The story takes place within a series of labyrinths beneath the palace of Montezuma II, the ancient Aztec emperor.
The labyrinths are filled with dangers, ranging from traps to ferocious enemies that you must avoid in order to reach your goal. Your goal is to rack up points from picking up jewels throughout the maze, as well as to reach the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to enter the treasure chamber, which is filled with the riches of the Aztec empire. There Panama Joe must swing through the chamber, but if he falls, then your game will restart, at the next highest difficulty.
You have a certain number of lives as you traverse the underground of the palace, and you must acquire and equip certain objects such as torches, swords and unique jewelry. These items are what allow you to complete your objectives. Throughout
Montezumas RevengeMontezumas RevengeMontezumas Revenge
the areas are foes that you must avoid, such as spiders, venomous snakes and imposing skulls. There are also obstacles that come between you and the treasure. These obstacles may include gates, disappearing floors, and holes filled with fire. The puzzles themselves are masterful, needing both wit and quick acting fingers as many of them are time-based. Many of the puzzles are a combination of Joe's movement, jumping over a trap, landing on a pole, sliding down and then avoiding a spider. While not meant for great thinkers, the puzzles found in the game are still somewhat challenging.
The game is considered a massive hit, and can be found among The Gamespy Hall of Fame, as well as other classic gaming museums. Although it was primitive for the time it was released due to its 2D graphics and having less than superb visuals it was still popular due to its gameplay. It is considered addictive and easily has its roots in the Pitfall series. And as new versions of the game begin to be released, nothing can beat the original.
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Kemobbis (11/06/2011)
its the game of my life, Im 33 years old right now and ive played at a commodore 128, regards.
Digidave123 (10/10/2010)
I was 9 years old when this little game appeared on the scene and I must say it wast my favourite it was my Dads, he loved it and I am looking forward to playing it again
Ekurburski (10/25/2008)
A must have for the collection. I spent hours mastering the game on the C64 and spend too much time playing it now on the emulator.

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