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C64 Games > M > Mr Dos Castle

Mr Dos Castle

Genre: Not Specified    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Darkcrow1) Added on: 10/02/2008
Mr Dos Castle was one of the more memorable games I used to play as a kid. My mom would take her clothing to the laundry and I would bum quarters from her the whole time to play Mr Dos Castle. The graphics are not as good as the arcade version but they are certainly more than functional. It is an older Commodore 64 game, but it is still entertaining to play and look at. Mr Dos Castle is sort of a mixture between a platform game and a clever puzzle game.

The gamer plays a clown (which is a great and funny concept) with a huge wooden mallet to smash the monsters or the blocks that he is standing on. There are three or four rows of blocks equipped with ladders to access the higher levels. Some of the blocks have a key emblem on them. If you knock all those blocks, you can enter the now unlocked door to enter the next stage.

Another way to enter the next stage would be to kill all the monsters in the level. Some of the blocks have a skull emblem on them. Those are used to kill a whole row of monsters if used correctly. They come in groups of two with
No Thumbnail available
a few regular blocks in between them. Both skull blocks have to be knocked out for the blocks in between them to fall out. So you knock one out and wait by the other one for a load of monsters to come for ya and then WHAM, all the monsters standing on those blocks are out.

The levels get more difficult as you advance up the stages. The monsters get faster and smarter. I never beat the game because my mom never had enough quarters. For years and years I've been looking for this game and I finally found it on this site. Now I can finally attempt to beat the game without emptying my poor old mother out of her hard earned quarters. I would definitely download this game. You'll get hooked like I did. I don't know how many levels there are, but if you beat it before I do then let me know how many levels there are to beat the game so I can have a goal to look forward to. This is a highly addictive play and is also very challenging. You can't go wrong.
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Digidave123 (10/10/2010)
I cant really remember the gameplay for this one as it was one of my mums favourites on the c64, I will download it and look forward to bashing some monsters

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