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C64 Games > N > Navy Seal

Navy Seal

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1989    |     Publisher: Cosmi Corporation    |     Developer: Cosmi Corporation
Game Review (written by Kprince65) Added on: 01/02/2010
This game is not in anyway related to the Other Navy Seal based on the movie. This game is based on navy seal missions that are theoretical. There are 5 missions and a training scenerio to help the player prepare. Each mission operation, (Godzilla, Moby Dick, Loch ness, King Kong,) Has different phases such as insertion, infiltration, the mission and extraction. Tasks include swimming to a coastal base or oil platform, setting explosions, running through a base killing terrorists ETC. The insertion phases themselves can be challenging.
For example in King Kong you have to carefully climb down a helicopter whereas in Godzilla, Parachute into the ocean then cut the chute before you hit the water. Getting away can also be challenging such as the case in King Kong when you must esacpe in speed boats. Then again some are simple. In Moby Dick you simply leave a submarine or dive into the ocean from a chopper in Loch Ness. The game is a bit challenging especially in the scuba swimming phases when you have to avoid sharks, enemy divers, mines and other hazards while navigating the right direction to the target with a compass.

Land based missions can also be challenging. For example setting bombs up on a base and
Navy Seal
getting out before they go off or finding and rescueing the American Ambasador and hiding through doors and alleyways to avoid the guards can be a bit challenging. You also need to use a silencer when taking out the guards otherwise they will be alerted and then more guards appear to attack. You can also use a knife instead of a silencer. The machine gun will cause more guards to appear then usual if it is used as it is noisy. This is especially challenging in King Kong as you are making a rescue and the Ambasador can be killed.

Loch Ness also features a puzzle which you must solve to deactivate nuclear weapons on a sunken sub before they go off. The King Kong ending is different as you must out run 6 enemy gun boats on a river. Forutunately your motor boat is more maneuverable than the gun boats.

The game was made by Cosmi Corporation, the same company that gave us Caverns of Khafka, Super huey, Aztec Challenge and other great games based on theoretical missions.
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Krishna (05/16/2010)
game was looking good but the music is not so good should develop. finally its good to have that game
Stultz_jason (05/10/2010)
This game is the bomb. It takes gaming to the next level. Its as true to life as they come. It is very strategically. I can't wait to share this with my friends.
Elizm83 (02/27/2010)
A definite game for boys. My brother used to play this all the time. Highly recommended!
Beckijo (02/22/2010)
This game is pretty rad for being so old school. Graphics are ok for their time. Helicopters are rad, the army is rad, you are rad. It's rad. Awesome.

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