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C64 Games > P > Phantasie 2

Phantasie 2

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1986    |     Publisher: Strategic Simulations, Inc.    |     Developer: (unknown)
Game Review (written by Chrissi) Added on: 02/11/2008
The second edition of one of the most interesting role-playing games would have to be Phantasie II. For this game you will still have the nemesis of the Dark Lord ruler Nikademus. You will soon discover that Nikademus has created an orb that has taken over the island of Ferronrah enslaving all the people that live there. Your mission will to find this orb and destroy it before it’s too late.
For the second part of the Phantasie edition you will have the same graphics that were utilized in the first Phantasie as well as the way of fighting but with several new improvements.
You will now have the ability to target any enemy you please with any rank just by throwing a rock.
The quests that you take part in have become a little more complex but there wasn’t as much done to make the game more innovative. You will have the ability to utilize the characters you used in the first Phantasie game allowing you to advance those characters even further.
Being the second game in the series you will now get to take on the plot even further. As these game progress you will see how advanced the plot has actually become. Discovering the orb may be a very difficult task over time, but once you have found that orb and determine how to destroy it
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you will officially become the next person to complete the second edition of Phantasie.
With Phantasie II you will take part in another great role-playing game hoping to save the island of Ferronrah. Experience the wrath of many different enemies with the use of your six various characters you will become invisible at times. Once you determine all the great moves and abilities your characters have you will advanced through Phantasie II with ease.
Become apart of the next amazing series of role-playing games called Phantasie II. Many people have enjoyed this game as much as they loved the first for many years and are still playing the game today. With the graphical detail being a little more advanced then other games created in its time you had an even better experience.
Try saving Ferronrah before it’s too late. Nikademus is awaiting your arrival again and its time for you to destroy this evil being again. If you loved the first game apart of this astounding series there is no doubt you will love this one even more. With there not being too many differences between the two there is no possible way to hate this game if you loved the beginning of Phantasie. It’s worth downloading and you’ll be satisfied and impressed.
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Shmoofus9 (02/26/2008)
I love this game. It brings a lot of fun and enjoy.

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