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C64 Games > P > Pole Position

Pole Position

Genre: Racing    |     Year: 1984    |     Publisher: Atarisoft    |     Developer: Namco Limited
Game Review (written by Chrissi) Added on: 12/28/2007
Racing video games have become very popular throughout the years; one known title would have to be Pole Position. With this game you will be racing around an Indy car throughout the Fuji course attempting to beat the timer. On your first attempt you will be trying to qualify and figure what your starting position for the first race. You will want to be avoiding the several hazards that have been spread out throughout the course as well as try not to have collisions with your fellow drivers.
You will earn more time with each lap you complete.
Pole Racing has become a classic conversion from the arcade game with a simple plot used for the entire game play. Just race around trying to get the highest position you can and qualify. Not too difficult of a task till you get off course and start hitting things.
Arcade games have made an impact on the world of gaming; Pole Position is one that surely became a classic over the years. With the game having you take a look at everything in a third person perspective and having above average graphical design for the years of creation, the game surely toped most people’s expectations. Even though the plot is quite minimal the game has
Pole PositionPole PositionPole Position
enough information for you to understand what is expected of you for game play.
Pole Position is not too difficult of a game once you get your first few laps under your belt. The game requires practice just like any other game. After you’ve played it for a little while you will be traveling through the game quite quickly getting first place none stop. This would normally seem boring winning none stop, but the computer players will always put up a fight, and the harder level you play the even more they will fight for that winning flag. Indy cars can be very difficult to drive compared to other racing vehicles, but that is the whole appeal to the game something new for you to enjoy.
With the amount of racing games that have been produced throughout the world you would think that there is no possible way to design anymore entertaining racing simulations, well you are wrong. Pole Position is a good example for this. Racing games will always be enjoyable to someone, like yourself. If you’ve enjoyed these infamous games in the past lets take a new view and try out some really fast Indy cars. There is so little, but so much to Pole Position you will be addicted in no time.
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Early racing game, a conversion of the arcade classic. Race as far as you can against other cars before time runs out.

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