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C64 Games > Q > Qubert


Genre: Not Specified    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Foz6) Added on: 08/31/2008
Qubert is a platform game. The aim of the game is to move the character, Qubert around the top of cubes, arranged in an isometric pyramid. The first levels are easy as you just need to hop on each square once, but as the levels go on, you have to hit each square more that once. If you fall of the edge of the pyramid, then Qubert will fall to his death. There are also other ways to die.

In the game you will encounter enemies.
One is the snake or ‘Coily’. He will appear in a purple ball and bounce to the bottom of the pyramid. When he reaches the bottom row, he will break out and chase you. There is also ‘Ugg’ and ‘Wrong-way’ who bounce along the sides of the cubes, and finally ‘Slick’ and ‘Sam’ the two green creatures that turn cubes back to their original colour, however Qubert can kill them by jumping on them.

Qubert’s defences, aside from strategic hopping, are the spinning green disks at the sides of the pyramids, and the green balls that fall from the top. The disks will float you back to the top, and if you are being chased by the snake, he will fall to his death, while the
No Thumbnail available
green ball freezes all the enemies’ movements. The protagonist of the game, Qubert, is a squat, orange trouser-less character with a tubular nose and expressive eyes. Whenever he is caught by the enemy, a comical "swearing" bubble appears with "@!#?@!".

The game itself is a good game and could probably entertain the average gamer for an addictive session, depending on how far you get, and how good you are. It does not have a story line to keep you entertained and does not have the best graphics in the world, but the addictive game play makes up for shortcomings. The graphics are simple like the original arcade game, and I suppose that this adds to the game's charm. If you grew up with it in the 80’s, then it will probably lead you back to your childhood experience of the game, but if not, then admire the simplicity and the addictiveness of the game. If I were to rate this game I would give it a solid 9 out of 10. It will get a grip on you whether you are good or not, and so it makes it appealing to everyone.

My advice- Give it a go, it is worth a try.
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Sparky32 (09/11/2008)
Qubert is a really cool game; it is mind boggling, but other than that the pics. are cool looking.

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