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C64 Games > S > Sex Games

Sex Games

Genre: Adult    |     Year: 1985    |     Publisher: Landisoft    |     Developer: (unknown)
Sex Games
Game Review (written by Russ_r2006) Added on: 12/24/2006
No way, Sex Games for C64! I thought this was part of a dream I once had (or a nightmare)! What a perfectly class-less, yet fun game! I actually used to own this game on a big floppy disk. I am not sure how I got it or who made it. I was extremely surprised to see it on here. I did not think anyone else ever knew about this dirty little C64 secret lol.
It was part of my C64 shoebox collection, meaning I had a bunch of these floppies in a shoebox. When the computer took about 20 minutes to load one of these basic games on our big solid state floor TV. Those disks must have been 6 inches across. This game always made us laugh and it was fun. It only took about an hour to complete if that, but it was great for a laugh and for the teenage boys mind.
The idea is to move the joystick just in the right back and forth motion to ring the bell and move on to the next level. I mean it, if you did not have the right rhythm your character would give out. It was completely anatomically correct as well, and even got into a group thing. It did not show a "money shot", but you got the idea with bell ringing. Like I said I played this as a teenager, so you can imagine how much fun we found it back in the 80's. So it is not anything really serious or even that good graphically, but in a world when they censored much, this one really "stuck out", if you catch my drift.
Wow, this site really brings back memories. I never knew what happened to my Commodore 64, but now it does not matter I have a souped up version with "warp speed". If you want another great game, try C64 "Raid on Bungeling Bay". It was a ground breaker and I still enjoy playing it. It was groundbreaker and I still recommend it. If it now keeps my 10 year olds attention, and was made in know it was good. Happy gaming and Happy Holidays!
P.S. Sex Games: Good for a laugh and conjuring up old memories, of course. Real erotica it is not but you will be surprised by its boldness and graphics in such a day as the 80's.
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Nasir ahmad (11/26/2008)
Nice game. This is one of the boldest games of all times for public distribution. Awesome. It's such an oldschool game.
Percy (08/12/2008)
Nice games you have there we hope you come up with more vitual quality games to spice up our wet dry and fantasy life.
Ares1917 (05/12/2008)
Awesome. It’s such an old school game with the retro looking pixel characters.
David black (04/28/2008)
Nice game.
Sinan (12/26/2007)
These were cute games, I liked them so much. I want to play again years after.
Britez (06/25/2007)
This is one of the boldest games of all time for public distribution. Awesome. It’s such an old school game with the retro looking pixel characters.

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