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C64 Games > S > Sex Games 2

Sex Games 2

Genre: Adult    |     Year: 1985    |     Publisher: Landisoft    |     Developer: Landisoft
Sex Games 2 Sex Games 2 Sex Games 2
Game Review (written by Petethenewfy) Added on: 10/08/2007
This game is quite good. It both entertains you in that it is a game made with wonderful graphics and excellent quality, obviously made by masters of gaming, who have no more free time but to make perfect quality and artistic images of characters both clothed and nude, doing all sorts of things in either state. At the same time, it excites you, whether you be a man or a woman because of the sexual aspect of the game. It is intriguing to learn new sex tips and tricks and to do it in a fun and entertaining environment, in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you might play to just have some fun and enjoy a game, because you have a lot of time on your hands, or else you might play because you are sexually energized and excited. And you wish to learn something for your partner,whether you're a gay couple of a man and a man, or a lesbian couple of a woman and a woman, or a straight couple of a man and a woman, which corresponds best to the game and it's containment.
However, many people will not find it sexually exciting, nor is that I think what the purpose of the game is. It is fun to play and if you step back and look at the game from the point of view of behind the scenes. You can really see quite how incredible the craftsmanship is on the graphics, the quality, the levels, and the overall gaming experience. The skill level of this game is not too hard, anyone could master it, it just requires a bit of patience and perseverance like anything does. Honestly though, it's not hard at all to play, and if you're simply tired of porn or searching for an exciting movie or picture or magazine that excites you, then check this baby out.
It's really a fun game that tests your patience, your knowledge of the opposite sex, no matter which sex you are, or which sexual orientation you are, and I can't stress enough how great the graphics are, and I am sure all will be well pleased at what this wonderful game has to offer. I recommend anyone download it and play it as I have and try to look not just at what it has to offer on the outside, namely the fun game, the exciting levels and challenges you have to face, but also at what it can offer you on a deeper level. You will love it and download it, you won't regret it.
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Dery (07/08/2010)
this games is very good to play in my computer, and this games free dowload, and i like it.
Moh195049 (06/26/2010)
I think Sex is the best game ever because it has awesome graphics for the C64. and it has been in our family for years. The game sex has about 5 or 6 levels.
Dev (05/23/2010)
i love like this games. because this game have to much fun for the sex and we know that to how we do sex with other.
Umasagar (01/16/2010)
This game is quite good. i want to play this game . if you give it to me for free I'll thank you alot.
Sakib (01/14/2010)
sexy game only and very very hot girl and sexy game.i want a sexy girls faking game.boy and girl kissing and faking game.
Rajan (12/16/2009)
i like to see and play that games. i like sexy games. thank you
Mahesh (10/28/2009)
i like play game to any type i enjoy in this hobby of game i am very young man i like net, game, reading. listening & watch to movie

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