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C64 Games > S > Spy Vs Spy

Spy Vs Spy

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1984    |     Publisher: First Star Software    |     Developer: First Star Software, Inc.
Game Review (written by Bobbybowlegs) Added on: 09/13/2007
The goal of the game is to assemble all the items into a briefcase, then hold out for the outside door to be revealed in order to escape. The catch of course is that you have to travel the maze of rooms to find each of the five items before your opponent does but you cannot carry more than one item unless you have found the briefcase. These items are hidden behind furniture, picture frames, filing cabinets, etc.
Both Mad spies are equipped with a Billy club for face to face combat, and a treasure trove of nasty tricks to try to temporarily remove your opponent from the play.
To make things slightly more stressful, both the white and black spies are strapped to ticking time bomb. Every time a player is removed from play, either from receiving too many blows from the opponent’s Billy club or from of the hidden gems left behind for you to find, game time is lost. You also loose time when you set down traps. Time is measured using the lovely transportation given to you by your organisation.
The pleasure is really into putting down booby traps for your opponent to find. You have quite a bag of tricks at your disposal the bomb, the spring, bucket of water, gun on a string, and a time bomb. You set these behind furniture
Spy Vs SpySpy Vs SpySpy Vs Spy
or attach them to doors and when your opponent looks behind them or opens a door, bang, off to spy heaven for a bit. The old pistol on a string trick was always my favourite; you set the pistol on a piece of furniture and tie the string to the door handle of a closed door. When someone opens the door, bang, shot dead.
The best spy is the one that can assemble the passport, money, key, and secret plans together in the briefcase and run off on the plane to better places. The strategy you take to find and keep all the items is really up to you, are you going to set booby traps and lure your opponent, only to snicker at him when he falls victim to your game? Are you going to try to find all items and leave before he can catch you? Or will you lie in wait until he does all the work and hit him over the head with a stick? Remember that as soon as your opponent comes into the room, the items you were carrying are hidden in that room for any spy to pick up, once he’s removed the opposition.
All in all, it’s a fun and interesting game! I was expressed playing it! I suggest it everybody!
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Wylfyr (06/05/2010)
Spy vs Spy.what can I say, this is one of my favorite games on the C64. I still love playing this game today. Here is what you do. You pick which spy Black or White to portray. Your goal is to put together an airplane to leave the complex you are in against your adversary.either a friend or the computer. Using your joystick, you can lay traps for your opponent ranging from bombs in televisions sets to electricity on door knobs to my favorite one, acid being dropped on them when they open a door. A timebomb, or spring. This game is LOADS of fun and has me smiling for hours when I played it.

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