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C64 Games > W > Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1986    |     Publisher: Brøderbund Software, Inc.    |     Developer: Brøderbund Software, Inc.
Game Review (written by Flyersphan21) Added on: 11/01/2006
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego is a very entertaining game. The game play is good and the set up of the game is very good because it is easy to navigate. The game, however, can be very tricky when it comes to catching a suspect because first you must get a warrant for the arrest of the suspect you want to arrest. To get the warrant you must have details of the suspect chosen, such as hair colour, eye colour, habits, vehicle, etc.
Because you must find all of that it is difficult because the people you talk to in the different places rarely clearly tell you in a blunt manner what the hair colour is. It is also tough because you need to know your geography because you need to somehow get to the correct location. The people will give you clues as to where the person went by telling you what landmarks are there and you need to figure it out from there.
The graphics may not be that spectacular but for the time they are good and they are certainly entertaining. The clips with the henchman are always fun to watch and are great to keep children interested in the game. The game
Where In The World Is Carmen SandiegoWhere In The World Is Carmen SandiegoWhere In The World Is Carmen Sandiego
is also educational when it comes to geography. It is educational because you have to know what countries certain things are in so you can get to the correct country.
I can personally say, as a 17 year old, I still even learned a few things regarding geography from playing this game. The game is also very addicting. When you start playing the game it is very hard to quit because you just want to be able to catch all of Carmen Sandiego’s henchmen and finally catch her. The game can be frustrating though because sometimes you think you have all of the correct information for the suspect and then receive a warrant and then once you catch the suspect you find out that it is not the correct person so you do not get one case closer to a promotion.
This is an excellent game because not only is it educational, but it is entertaining because the travel agent keeps your attention with her quirky comments. Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego is phenomenal game for people of all ages and will always keep its appeal. Once you play this game once you will play for a long time and will continue to play it as you get older.
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Mrmonsta2001 (04/25/2009)
This game was awesome! I used to play it in middle school, and grade school! I plan to teach my son to enjoy the game as well.
Tori7 (03/29/2009)
Loved playing this game on my lunch break. Advanced in its time compared to other games. All the classes got addicted to it.
Kiki_irish (02/28/2009)
I remember playing this game constantly on my lunch break at my primary school, because it was so cool. It's great to be able to play it again
Keizer8888 (02/10/2009)
I want my kids to have as much fun as I had when I played this in the 90's at my school. A great way for them to learn geography and countries.
Charms1975 (12/31/2008)
This is an awesome game. It's one that will challenge your mind and enhance your knowledge about geography.
Casmira (12/21/2008)
I recieved this game for Chirstmas years ago and I'm glad that someone made it available to newer versions of Windows. It's the best PC game I have ever played!
Marc villanova (12/12/2008)
One thing I do need to before I die is to arrest Carmen Sandiego. I played, no joke, over 200+ mission on various systems. Never once did I ever catch her. Instilled my love of geography and I thank her for that.
Devonmadeo (09/04/2008)
I used the play Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego all the time when I was younger. It was such a great game!
Coery (08/28/2008)
I love playing the game of Carmen Sandiego in the early 90's. It was a filled with mystery and fun to solve.
Leanastewart (08/03/2008)
Where In The World Is Carmen Santiago was one of my favorite games as a kid I always played. I loved how it made you think. GREAT GAME!
Godando (07/10/2008)
This was a great game. The only one the teachers used to let you play because you learned something about the world, like where Lima is.
Poisenivy48 (03/17/2008)
This game was wonderful when I was little. It is both educational and motivating! Not only must you know things about our world and history, but you get to chase the bad guy and are timed, so you dont have time to research everything, not like you'd want to!
Brianna (03/03/2008)
I love this game. We play it in elementary school every Monday. I just love it so much!
Schnazzygal (02/21/2008)
I absolutely loved this game! I was borderline obsessed. I played it in elementary school every chance that I got.
Emine ildirar (01/08/2008)
I played this game while I was in Primary School, I think it is a great educational computer game and I still today enjoy having a go.
Tyrone55 (12/27/2007)
I loved this game ever since I was a little kid. I recommend this game to kids of all ages including teens as well.
Christinekp (12/24/2007)
Great game! I remember this game as a kid and am glad to see it still exists! I hope it is as challenging as I remember :)
Christinekp (12/24/2007)
I love this game and I highly recommend it to all ages!
Ange2mom (12/22/2007)
This is a good game! It is surprisingly challenging game!
Tessie07 (12/14/2007)
This game is very good, it keeps you mind working even at my age and it broaden your horizons of what is out there in this big wide world of ours
Adrianreay (12/12/2007)
Great classic game, I played this game when I was growing up, good way to learn your geography
Mel (12/02/2007)
I really love this game
Roadsterbc02 (11/24/2007)
It’s best educational and strategy game!
Crashbandicoot (11/07/2007)
Great game
Pippinluver (11/01/2007)
I used to play Carmen when I was a kid, now my kids are playing and we all love it. It brings back so many memories watching them trying to figure out where she is.
Jmh5204 (10/18/2007)
This is an all-time classic! Every kid who grew up in the 90s spent several computer classes playing this! It's even fun as a grown-up!
Kaitepie (09/30/2007)
I loved this game when I was young! It's a good way to learn about other countries and geography.
Karen (09/03/2007)
This game is great for kids. Its a good way to learn how to be precautions on things. I like this game!
Sevenr7 (09/02/2007)
It’s really great game! When you play in it you forget about everything! I highly recommend it to you!
Togsandcath (08/23/2007)
Great game!

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