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C64 Games > Z > Zork


Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 1983    |     Publisher: Commodore Electronics Ltd.    |     Developer: Infocom
Game Review (written by Simman95) Added on: 03/29/2007
Zork is a text adventure game by Infocom. It is a great game and a great classic. This game has no graphics. All it has is text. You type something then it tells you what happens. It describes the places you go and what happens to you. This may sound very boring, but it’s not.
This game does a great job describing the places and items. It describes it better then graphics. They use such good words and, if you have an imagination, you can see everything in your mind.
Next is the sound. There is no sound either. It describes the sound, but you don't hear it. This may disappoint some people, but you just imagine the sounds. Now the best part - the gameplay. You type what you want to do. If you want to get the sword you type "Get sword" and press sword. Then it would say something like "You grasp the sword firmly by the handle and pull but it is stuck." Then you would have to solve some puzzle to get it out. This game has many puzzles. These puzzles can be easy or very hard.
You do not have to type full sentences. You can use short phrases. In this game, there is a great story.
No Thumbnail available
You have to find 19 treasures in this underground cavern. However there are bats, trolls, cursed knives, and even a thief in the way of getting the treasure. The thief is the most annoying, because he is hard to kill and steals you treasure.
In this game you have to fight, but you just type something like "Attack troll with sword" then typing "Again" again and again, until it is dead. Fighting is probably the least fun thing for most people. This game is also hard. Like I said above puzzles can be a nightmare. You might never beat this game ever. You will probably need some guide to help you finish. And you might do one thing wrong and mess up the entire game.
All in all this is a good game, but hard. Play this game, if you have a good imagination and if you like a challenge.
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Mmmax99 (05/11/2010)
I remeber sneaking in my brothers room and playing on his fancy C64 comp, One of the first games I remember playing was Zork. Which sparked a new interest in a whole genre of fantasy gaming. I was young back then and dont think I accomplished much so I am looking forward to tackling this classic again.
2play_4_2day (02/08/2008)
I love this game. It’s worth downloading.
Foxman8245 (11/18/2007)
7th grade, 1982, Christmas Morning. I opened up a brand new Commodore 64 Computer with the tape deck reciever for games. (I got a floppy drive for my birthday 4 mo. later), and yes, I had the modem. just like the one you saw in the movie."WAR GAMES", starring Mathew Brodrick. The first game I ever had, that came with the C64, was the tape cassette version of "Blue Max". Rememeber that. the tape took 15 minutes to load before you could play the game. By the time I got my floppy drive, and my first game one floppy, it was like lightning! Which brings me to the point of this comment. As I pulled back the reindeer, and elf plastered wrapping paper. I could read the Name one letter at a time. Z - O -R -K ! I excitedly gave thanks to my mom and dad right after I let out a very loud "Groovy Man.!" . followed by. "What's a Zork?" I spent the next 2 months typing away every night under the glow of my red desk lamp. I had never experienced that kind of realistic adventure from a book. don't get me wrong. books are great and stimulate the imagination. but never like that of an interactive text adventure where the decisions made in the game created different outcomes! Zork. my alltime fav in text adventure games!

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