Meet Us

woman with laptop - Meet UsClassic PC Games is a website that is fully dedicated to exploring the vast world of retro gaming. This goes from the classic arcade games that we all knew back then in the early 90’s, to the retro home consoles such as the classic Atari and Sega.

We make a special focus in retro games that features the Commodore and other vintage PCs. Since playing retro video games can leave a nostalgic feel and other marvelous sensations that we can only sense by playing these games.

My name is Annette Wilson. I’m the founder of Classic PC Games. Since I was a kid I spent all my evenings playing in my commodore different games such as Pacman and Pitfall. I gain a tremendous passion in these consoles and, as time go by. My passion for video games only grows stronger since I consider myself a true gamer.

For that reason, Classic PC Games started as a website that deals with the most accurate and interesting information about retro gaming and vintage consoles, and we plan to keep writing about our favorite video games or the ones that you definitely need to play.

Classic PC Games has a long way of being a great place for gamers that want to discover more about the origins of video games, as well to learn new video games to try in your free time.