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DOS Games > Adult > Interactive Girls - Teresa for DOS

Interactive Girls - Teresa

Genre: Adult    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: Interactive girls    |     Developer: Interactive girls
Interactive Girls - Teresa Interactive Girls - Teresa Interactive Girls - Teresa
Game Review (written by Johhnywolven) Added on: 07/15/2007
Interactive Girls: Teresa is a very good game. Very short and sweet game. The Model that they used to play Teresa was very beautiful indeed. I just wish they'd had added more options, or at least new scenarios, like after you beat the game the first time and start a new one but I guess back then even the Adult Games were just simple little games. It's fun going back to try new things on there sometimes but, I got a lot of game overs that way, you have to make her happy, they also should have added more gifts to give to her because I found it kinda frustrating giving her a lot of those gifts with no kind of payoff at all.
There were a few glitches in the game, there were a few scenes where the game froze for some reason. On the scene where you are talking to her, about the "movies" it froze up but, after letting it sit for a while, it worked perfectly. The other scene where you are watching Teresa in her room it froze up just a bit, and then when she closed the curtains it slowed down a lot more, then afterwards it was alright.
The gifts that I mentioned before, you can choose to give her different gifts to see a tiny bit of action, I didn't get any full sex scenes or anything of that matter. When you give her the gifts that she likes (I think it's depending on the multiple conversations that you have with her through the early parts of the game). If you pick a gift that she won’t like then she will let you know, and you might get a game over, (for me the game froze and I had to restart the whole damn thing again, I guess it was the old computer that I had been using at the time.)
Overall Interactive Girls: Teresa was a very pleasing game, I kind of enjoyed watching her undress. I think in the end, you might enjoy yourself a lot because as I said before, the model that they chose to play the role of Teresa was very beautiful. I liked those long legs, and her nice round bottom. I hope you all will enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed this game, have fun you guys!
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Levitostasio (02/25/2009)
This really is such a great game, I do hope that you have as much fun playing it as we have!
Vhans (11/16/2008)
This really is such a great game - I do hope that you have as much fun playing it as we have!
Thren16 (10/25/2008)
This game is a great game. I think it is such a real game. I think I have to play it. It is a very sexy game.
Mafdy99 (08/06/2008)
This game is a great game. I think it is such a real game. I think I have to play it. It is a very sexy game.
Greshma (01/01/2008)
Yeah! It is very sexy game. I think it is one of the best games I have ever played.
Caroline39 (10/19/2007)
This really is such a great game - I do hope that you have as much fun playing it as we have!
Mzshan (07/15/2007)
I like this game very much. It was my deep desire that I find such game.

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