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DOS Games > Adult > Paradise Heights for DOS

Paradise Heights

Genre: Adult    |     Year: 1995    |     Publisher: Foster    |     Developer: Foster
Paradise Heights Paradise Heights Paradise Heights
Game Review 1 (written by Animesuki) Added on: 10/29/2006
PH1 was a game that neither overly-impressed nor disgraced me. It is an h-game which revolves around your character going over to live in your uncle’s place to look after his hotel named 'Paradise Heights' whilst he is away. All of your room-mates are girls.
Unlike other dating-sim games you can't choose different options to make the girls like you more and can't choose topics to talk to them about. Instead you're left with a completely linear game where you don't have a choice which girl you end up with. I admit, that whilst this is an h-game and therefore it doesn't have to have non-linear gameplay it annoyed me that this game was linear nevertheless. Especially due to the fact that the game tried posing as a non-linear game by the use of giving you a few supposed choices. The choices you make don't matter at all and if you try saying something like, 'don't go over to ******'s place' it forces you to anyway saying something along the lines of, 'Wait a second did I go temporarily crazy. A girl invited me to her flat, of coarse I'll go.' Which I found annoying.
The events with the girls are set out in an order which you can not change meaning that no matter what happens and how bad you are at playing h-games you won't miss a single h-scene (which is in some ways a good thing, but kind of bad coz if you're playing the game coz you like dating-sim-esque games you'll find you don't have a choice in anything or feel like you've earned the ability to watch the scenes.)
At times some graphics didn't seem attractively drawn but like most h-games this changed when it got to the h-scenes. The h-scenes were a mixture of different types of sexual acts rather than just having plain vanilla. I found these scenes great, but the goodness of these scenes was overcome by the fact that you couldn't unlock ones from choices.
If you're looking for a hentai game with varied sex scenes with different characters, and not worry about missing scenes this is the way to go. However if you want something remotely challenging with numerous endings and to have a feeling of achievement when you finally net the girl of your choice then don't bother with this unless you feel horny.
Game Review 2 (written by Msgrv32) Added on: 09/16/2006
There are a ton of erotic games on the internet... There are a ton you'll play only one and never again. However, for some sex starved teenagers there will be a game - like Paradise Heights- that peaks your curiosity again and again.

In this game you play a young man moving out on his own and going to college. Your father begins the game by yelling at you and giving you money. You then use his money - much like real life - to buy things to woo girls with. There is competition in this game, you simply spend time with the characters in order to eventually disrobe and deflower. Setting this game apart from others is the fact that the style in which the game is done is very appealing to the eyes. A lot of time and effort was put in, and it can be seen throughout the game. The girls are all basic people who either live in the same building - putting them at a very close distance from your clickable mouse or keyboard - or pop up when you walk to school or other places. Most of all, the girls are drawn beautifully and keep in format with most highly done anime.

Entertaining? Sure the game has its shares of thrills, and scary music for scary scenes. But mostly near the end you'll eventually get back to the fact that you are clicking on the screen to get the pics, instead of say... going out and clicking on life in front of you to attempt to get more of the same.

Comparatively to other games this one is a definite 10. Comparing it to say some games where the animation is poor and nude pics are few and far between, you come out of Paradise Heights fully convinced that you might actually remember what happened enough to play the game again later on. When this happens take a cold shower, remember that you were playing a pornographic game on your computer and think about what you've done. At the end of this though if you were like me at 15 you'll start playing the game again. The music isn't overly annoying like other games but it can be trying so I'd recommend playing it with the sound off. You're surely not missing anything unless you need to hear dramatic or scary music to help you understand the game. As a person who’s played the game more then once I assure you it won’t be necessary.
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Eiliriel (12/23/2008)
I like this game. It's an interesting game to play. The decision are simple and you can run through this pretty easily.
Bananos (07/16/2008)
Nice game. The girls in the game are nice. H-scene's well written and I really enjoyed it.
Steven hattersley (04/15/2008)
It’s a great game. Loved it.
Serena_123 (02/03/2008)
Nice graphics, but game is a bit slow.
Hinato (01/30/2008)
Paradise Heights is one of the best Hentai game series out there. A good story line to follow, and many erotic scenes for the player to come across. It gets a 10 from me.
Triber (11/20/2007)
I like this game.
John7586 (04/02/2007)
Game is nice and acceptable to the interested viewers. Everyone will enjoy playing this game.
Crimson_ghost91 (01/19/2007)
Another Cool hentai game I Liked It.
Munchie (04/15/2006)
Another excellent hentai game. This one falls into the category of "soap opera" to me. Which is not a bad thing. The decisions are pretty basic and all lead up to the same thing (having sex) eventually. Try it. You'll either love it or hate it
Manicalic (03/01/2006)
This is a short, linear adventure. Not deserves to be called 'game', but rather a 'visual novel': choices presented are only to give you time to save, they don't influence ending or scenes in any way. When you are presented with one, it says something like "She is not here yet" or "The door is closed". Completely linear. The sex scenes are good though. You sure can enjoy it, if you came only for sex. Please excuse bad english, still much to learn.
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 02/21/2006)
The game runs under Windows (XP/2000/98/95).
If you failed to install Paradise Heights, please do the following:
If it exists, delete your paradise heights directory. only keep the game zip file from our website.
Also check if there is a directory under c:\Program Files\FOSTER\ParadiseHeights and delete it if it exists.
unzip the game-files into c:\paradiseheights1\
run MOTV95_T.EXE
click on "Setup", then on "Reinstall", then "OK".
Click on "Yes" to run the program.
Click on "retry" when you are asked for the CD-ROM"
The Game starts.

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