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DOS Games > Adult > Porntris for DOS


Genre: Adult    |     Year: 1992    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: Image Line Software
Porntris Porntris
Game Review (written by Jazzzy786) Added on: 12/01/2006
Porntris is a tetris game with a difference. The gameplay is exactly the same as the Russian original which we all love to play and play until we get bored with the particular implementation of the game, but NOT the actual game just the particular version.
The concept is the same, different shaped blocks appear at the top by random. The idea is to use the cursor keys to move the block to the left or right and the shift key to rotate the block in a clockwise manner. Then the block needs to be dropped in an appropriate place to create a line. Once a line is created then it will disappear and everything on the screen moves down one line.
Each time a line is created you earn points. If you create more than one line by dropping a single block you will earn more points than if you created a single line. The ultimate goal is to create a tetris. This is when by dropping a single block you are able to make five lines disappear. If the blocks reach to the top of the screen then the game is over. The idea is to create the number of lines required to complete a level before moving on to the next level. As the game goes on the speed at which the blocks fall increases and the amount of time required to think and manipulate the blocks for correct placement decreases.
The way Porntris differs from standard tetris is that there is a distraction built into this game of a few x-rated pornographic video clips. When a line is created a line of the video is unearthed. As more and more lines are created more and more of the video is disclosed. The idea is to distract you from the game to look at the video and hence you make a mistake in the placement of a block. The video clips are of triple x rating so this game is to be played by adults only. It is actually more fun for an onlooker than the actual player. Just make sure the onlooker is not a minor or your mother. I've heard this game was doing the rounds in offices around the world behind the bosses back.
The game itself works quite well. The controls of the game are simple to master and everything is clear and well presented. The graphics are a bit dated now but remember this is quite an old game so were probably average for the time it was released. There is sadly no sound not even chip music. This could have added greatly to the overall sleaze atmosphere this game was trying to portray. The game is set at an easy/normal level standard so hardened tetris gamers will chomp their way through this game very quickly. There are only a few levels so I hear even though I haven't completed the game so am unsure of the exact number of levels. The gameplay as with all tetris games can get repetitive and a bit boring if played for a while but it does retain the just one more go factor vital to games of this ilk.
The game is only 500k in size and its requirements are a very modest computer anything from a 386 upwards should be able to run this game. Unfortunately, since Windows XP did away with DOS this game does not run under Windows XP. It works fine under windows 95, windows 98/ME and windows 2000. For XP users to play this game you either need to dual boot your system with DOS or another version of windows. Other options are to use a virtual machine program like VirtualPC (free from Microsoft site) or Vmware to run it under a virtual machine. There is also a PC Emulator called DOSBOX which allows you to run DOS games on your windows XP PC.
Overall my mark for this game is 6/10. It is fun to play for a while but does not have long term appeal. Also the lack of sound and levels mean this game lacks lastability.
click here to post a new comment. (07/29/2010)
Good old days have come this way!It is a good thing that you invented to recall them back, you guys!
To all you old school fan this is a great spin on a classice. tis takes the classice game treis and give a horny cool and great spin to it. You play it liek a normal treis game adn work on see the body of the lovly and sexy women to the side. over a time you must work on get into high levels. of course if you where never good at teh treis any way it is hard to get any were but it does make a good and awarding challege. it take a little time but in the end it as all worth it from start to finsih.
Armand99 (11/27/2006)
Good enough if you are bored, not to be played for long as it gets boring after a while, could have uses more levels though.

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