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DOS Games > Adult > Softporn Adventure for DOS

Softporn Adventure

Genre: Adult    |     Year: 1984    |     Publisher: Freeware    |     Developer: Sierra On-Line
Softporn Adventure Softporn Adventure Softporn Adventure
Game Review (written by Wmtbrand) Added on: 12/27/2006
Softporn Adventure is a decent MS-DOS game if you are looking for something to occupy a couple of hours, or if you enjoy this genre of gaming. This text based Adult RPG does show its age with its outdated command recognitions if you are a modern gamer, but it holds true to the old DOS functionality for those who are old school gamers. The style of the game forces the player to think about how he should interact with the text-based environment, the objects within, and the people. The game can get rather annoying though at times though; sometimes if you mess up you are forced to restart the game, and sometimes it may take a while to figure out what you are supposed to do. This minor problem can be overlooked however by saving often, as long as you have not already made a mistake.
The age of this game may be annoying at times if you arenít an old school gamer, however it still has its strong points to support its foundation. The command recognition is rather simple to use as long as you know the proper commands to use. The commands are one or two words simplifying having to type sentence commands. The detailed environment gives you everything you need to know to progress in the game, as long as you are looking around carefully. For the first time around this game is not fast paced, so if you are looking for a quick game then I would choose a different title.
In general, if you are looking for a logical puzzle type game that makes you think, or an adventure to pass the time then you will enjoy this game. If you are looking for an adult game though then you probably would not enjoy this game as much as something like that of the Leisure Suit Larry series.
Overall, Softporn Adventure still holds strong even today. This text-based game offers a lot of fun, but requires patience. Even if you are not one who generally plays text based games, or any DOS games then I would recommend at least giving this game a try. This game offers a lot to its players, considering how much has changed it the gaming industry since its release, and can be viewed as an experience for those who have not played text-based or even DOS games. For those who are Old school gamers, this would be a great game to play and even add to your collection.
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Flockman (04/20/2008)
I played this game years ago, it was great fun!
Huddo100 (07/03/2007)
man this game is so cool its the best everyone should have it lol i wish they had this on xbox lol the graphics are pretty good aswell and the music was also good anyways cyas later

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