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DOS Games > Adult > Three Sisters Story for DOS

Three Sisters Story

Genre: Adult    |     Year: 1996    |     Publisher: Jast    |     Developer: Sakura Soft
Three Sisters Story Three Sisters Story Three Sisters Story
Game Review (written by Rdtr82) Added on: 08/25/2006
This was quite an amazing game. I was a bit unsure to begin with since it started a little slowly but in time it came to be one of my all time favorites. The storyline centers on a young guy who gets involved with three of the loveliest anime girls you will find.
The main aim is to get these women in to bed but there is quite an involved story line that adds to the quality of the overall experience. The hentai scenes are of great quality and for those who like that kind of thing like me there are quite a few. This is one game where you can make mistakes and you will die at certain times if you pick the wrong choice particularly towards the end. It becomes quite tricky. If I was you I would save the game often as having to go back to another point in the game can be tiring and you will lose focus on the game. If you persist you will find yourself immersed in the game as much as I was.
In the hentai game genre there have been many disasters and many great games. True love being one of the all time greats. This game Three sisters story continues on the same kind of path as paradise heights and is just as good but with a better storyline. I found myself wanting to play it again to read the parts that I missed and you will have to read as if you miss something you may end up with a slight case of death and it isnít pleasant I can tell you now. So if your looking for a game with an in depth plot, loads and loads of nudity ( well what male isnít) and a few twists and turns then this game Three sisters story gets the 3 tick of approval.
As you can see Three Sister story has something for everyone. Whether youíre a young guy looking for a fun game that is also a per or a young closet lesbian who wonít admit to herself what she is.
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Nigss (03/14/2011)
a truly classic game, paving the way for the genre to keep rolling. During its time it was fantastic and phenomenal. Nowadays its nostalgic.
Dhanaar (03/06/2011)
This is beautiful game! The multiple endings and multiple sexual encounters give it good replay value. You need playing it!
Toorz (01/09/2011)
Agreed, this game is surprisingly very good with a well developed plot. Those who like to follow a storyline will enjoy!
Cenhaonan (04/02/2009)
Great game! It's just one of the best classic hentai games on pc! The multiple endings and multiple sexual encounters give it good replay value.
Sossweet123 (02/11/2009)
This is a beautiful game! The multiple endings and multiple sexual encounters give it good replay value. You need playing it!
Aldeb (12/24/2008)
I expected to be disappointed by this game like I am with most other adult oriented pc games, but after playing it for just a few minutes I was intrigued and I couldn't quit. I definitely recommend this one!
Confederate08 (12/21/2008)
For a H-game I found the story to be entertaining and the multiple endings (good and bad) made playing it through again worthwhile. You can easily overlook the dated graphics given that newer H-games all use similar art work with just a cleaner drawing style (no to minimal pixalation).
Pahlupi (10/25/2008)
Good, amazing I will pratice this with my wife. For future that I always download the up to date games.
Gododeath (10/20/2008)
Nice adventure game. I spent hours playing and enjoyed every minute of it; good pictures also.
Takukelvin (10/18/2008)
This game is a classic. The game has multiple endings allowing you to choose your own destiny, but yet at the same time it's mesmerizing as it also captivates you on its storyline. A must try for all gamers who love multiple endings. Your destiny is in your own hands.
Lvs (10/06/2008)
I like this game so much cause it can make me feel great when play it already.
Arrayva (09/08/2008)
I like this game. Itís really hot! Whatís not to like about 3 sisters? Nothing! This game is good because it has all the limitations that hentai games have, for example it takes place at school.
Harrybaba (08/24/2008)
I'm a keen observer of sex games and watching and playing all games in such a manner that I'm the main character of the story. This is a good one.
Dsmaniaman (08/16/2008)
This game is great, the story line is much better than expected overall it was an enjoyable experience.
Spoonyd (07/24/2008)
If you are even remotely curious(and over the age of 18 lol), you should give this game a shot. I had to be talked into trying it at first, but I am very glad I did.
Firefoot87 (06/07/2008)
This was a game that I played dozens of times and i can honestly say, I can't wait to download and play it again. You get multiple endings based on the decisions you make in the game. The plot was original and well thought-out. The graphics were very nice given the time it was made in. I really had no complaints about this game whatsoever. I give it a 10 and say download it to all who are curious. It will be well worth your time.
Odi (06/05/2008)
The game is really cool, especially for the times it was made in.
Djologs (05/31/2008)
I love this game. Nice premise with a well developed plot.
Cointreuversial (05/16/2008)
Great game.
Taero (05/08/2008)
Agreed, this game is very good, nice visuals and a decent story followed by some genuinely erotic moments.
Asplode (04/09/2008)
The story is pretty interesting and the artwork is also very nice. The characters are really lovable.
Ho! (03/02/2008)
This is a pretty good game I must say. It is a very intriguing and exciting game full of mystery and surprises.
Samuel_1234 (02/13/2008)
This is one of the best games. Three Sisters' Story is a story about a boy without parents living in a house with three girls/women. But it is way more complicated than this. This game features intrigues. This game features intrigues, lies, seduction, sex, and perhaps a little love in the end.
Skitothelow (02/12/2008)
Once you get past the outdated graphics, the story will grip you. An amazing game! This was the first H-game I ever played, and I became hooked shortly thereafter.
Chris (02/11/2008)
Probably it’s the best game of all time. The graphics are fun and interesting. I highly recommend downloading it.
Nikki_smi (02/02/2008)
This game was pretty interesting.
Aceyspadey (02/02/2008)
A beautiful and indepth story. I played it ages ago but lost it, looking forward to playing it over and over again.
Maldini_mx2 (01/31/2008)
One of the best within the genre. Three Sisters' Story is a story about a boy without parents living in a house with three girls/womens. But it is way more complicated than this. This game features intrigues.
Chidar (01/21/2008)
This game is surprisingly good. The graphics are great! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Goldeneye (12/19/2007)
It is a very beautiful game and I like it so much!
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 04/29/2006)
This game requires DOSBox.
The file "3SIS.BAT" starts the game.

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