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DOS Games > Adult > True Love for DOS

True Love

Genre: Adult    |     Year: 1995    |     Publisher: Jast    |     Developer: Otaku Publishing
True Love True Love True Love
Game Review 1 (written by Shadowcloudx) Added on: 08/08/2006
This is my review of the True Love Game.

I recently just tried out this and I must say that is one of the better dating sim/hentai games out there. I enjoyed it very much and recommend everybody to download True Love.

You are a young guy in collage planning to date/love someone before the end of a three month period. You have 2 best friends, a woman and guy. There are several women you can choose from, so choose wisely.

At the beginning of the true love game, you must name your character and choose what type of guy is he: Normal, Intellectual, Sports Guy, and Playboy. Depending which one you choose will determine what kind of women you can get. When you wake up in the morning you get three options you can choose from what to do in the day: Morning, Evening and Night. Mornings are usually reserved for you to go to Collage but on weekends and holiday you choose what you want to do there, while the other two options (Evening and Night) are open for whatever you please. Some of the activities you can do are: Sports, Art Learning, Shopping, Work and Pleasure. Whatever you choose will contribute towards your Statistics Bar. On the Statistics Bar will have your qualities such as: Passion, IQ, Strength, Appearance and Art but depending on what you choose to do for the day some stats will go up or down, so be careful. A quick note: When you go to the shop you can buy items that will grant you more Stats or better luck with women or have unexpecting things to happen, example: If you do things right, sometimes right before you go to bed a god/goddess will grant you special power that will contribute towards your Statistics Bar or give you better luck with a certain women. Now here is the tricky part, getting the woman you want. Like I said there is several women in the true love game, when you talk to them it is sort of like ďchoose your fateĒ system. Depending on how you treat them you can end up in bed with them faster (or slower in some casesÖ..), also when you learn more about them purposely try changing your Stats for the guy they want. Remember you get ONLY three months to find your woman, but donít seem like it is rushing you. (It took me hours to beat it the first time.) On the very last day, you are able to choose what women you want from the game, just choose the one you have been trying to get the most. (Otherwise if you choose someone that you arenít close with then they will dump right off the bat.) Here is a hint of advice: Buy gifts for the one y!
ou like,
it just helps.

There is surprisingly good music for a dating sim/hentai game! What more can I say? Download True love and you'll know what I mean, it's great.

Well, they are pretty good for a DOS game so the True Love Download is really worth it. The characters are well drawn out and Iím sure you will like them more when seeing them in bed!

Iíd replay, just because it is literally impossible to gain ALL of the women in one playthrough. You can ONLY get some women depending on what type of guy you chose to be. You can ONLY have some women in one playthrough, no matter how nice you are to all of them. So if you want to see all the endings/sex scenes, then go for it and download True Love.

I give this game a 9/10. So try it out and have fun!
Game Review 2 (written by Sak1) Added on: 08/01/2006
Although it is over 10 years old, it still brings together the elements need to make a good game: a good plot, good caricatures, and reasonable graphics. Even though it is small and short, it can take you hours of fun and intrigue. The True Love Game is based on a High school student who you lead to date, fall in love with, and eventually do the deed with 10+ girls. There are many newer games that do the same, but for the size (dial-up users) and the basic nature of it, it is a good game. The music can easily get to your head and make you end up humming it all day, but isn't too bad. The graphics of the True Love Game are reasonable ( although I wouldn't suggest using it on a screen bigger then 19"
Even though it is basically a slide show where you decide which picture to see next. You start each day with different options, the options that you choose effect who you meet and how far you go with that person. Even after you choose your options, you will be faced with decisions during the day, such as choosing what to say to a girl. The true love game is more of opinion and personality then of mind (i.e. you don't have to have a super high IQ). If you are just playing for the pictures, then there are walkthroughs available all over. The pictures that you gather from playing are saved in the "CG room (computer graphics).
I liked the true lve game for the simplicity that is hard to find in today's games. It fulfilled its purpose and with a bit of enjoyment, I have spent hours playing and still have a few pictures left to get. It is easy to lose track of time while playing. Along with being easy to download true love, it is easy to install. Along with True Love, Iíve also played May Club which is also a good game, But is so hard to find now days. I guess older game is doing just that, disappearing. I hoped this review helped and will help you decide to play the True Love Game too.
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Shaner84 (06/26/2007)
True Love has really good graphics and a great story. You would be crazy not to get this game.
Silverfish (06/20/2007)
I felt like this was one of the better games I have ever played, the story moves nicely and I like that I was able to make choices to what effected the game. Paradise was going to be my next dl, but after the reading of the text, I am not into linear novels nor am I into games that have no real game element. If any other game like this one becomes available soon, I would be glad, also is there a sequel to the True Love Game?
Sarcasticpirate (06/19/2007)
Absolutely a wonderful game. A true classic h-game that never manages to seem like it's been done before or is old.
Princess25 (06/19/2007)
After beating this game, I would like to say that True Love is.awesome! An enjoyable bishoujo game that will keep you hooked to the very end.
Diem02 (06/12/2007)
I've played this game for years and keep going back to it. It's highly addictive.
Cortemus (05/01/2007)
Once you start playing youíre addicted to just keep going ; ). A recommended title for any hentai fan.
Abi2 (02/06/2007)
Pretty nice. I particularly like the graphics. This one and 'Three Sisters Story' were the games I enjoyed most this year.
Vic (12/29/2006)
Unlike other titles like Paradise Heights, this is not just a simple visual novel: it is an actual game, because you have to take many choices that will have an impact on future events. There is an excellent variety of characters, places and situations so the game is still enjoyable even after you have completed it several times. The graphics are very good, they must have been really impressive back in 1995. The soundtrack is also nice. Download True Love since is definitely worth a try even if you are not a fan of the genre.
Dazza604 (09/07/2006)
Top game, it's a must have. Love the asian girls and the story. Thank you free dos games, 5 stars.
Sledgehog (08/30/2006)
WWOOWW! I got touched by True Love! It brings some sweet memories! It's one of those games that you just play and play and play! This is really awesome game cause u decide what u want to be! It will stay in my mind forever(u too Yumi) ! Its an excellent novel with excellent music and graphics !I'm really lookin forward to play a sequel of this game!
Bluegoo06 (08/19/2006)
true love is great i liked the design of how you go from day to day and the flexibity of what you do can reflect on the results sweet concept.
Alxael (07/28/2006)
I've played this game some years ago, until I got a final were I could have all the girls but Remi. Well now I can only tell that this is the best hentai game that you can find. Download True Love today :)
Elinara (06/27/2006)
Excellent hentai game, especially if you like to have to work for it. Everything in the true love game depends on your choices, unlike paradise hieghts where your choices are predeterminded.
Munchie (04/15/2006)
This is the first hentai game I ever played so I'm sort of biased towards it, but looked at objectively it's a stunner. The True Love Game has excellent graphics, good storylines, each decision you make changes the outcome giving you a different game each time you play it. Highly recommended.
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 02/22/2006)
This game runs under Windows XP/2000/98/95
Doubleclick the file truelove.reg. Start the game with t_love95.exe

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