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DOS Games > Adult > X Tetris for DOS

X Tetris

Genre: Adult    |     Year: 1995    |     Publisher: Anonymus    |     Developer: Anonymous
X Tetris X Tetris X Tetris
Game Review (written by Dhiablommx) Added on: 11/25/2006
This game is not quite the usual version of Tetris that one would quite expect. Rather than having to complete lines like the unusual Tetris version, in this version you need to connect the figures in the proper way. These figures take the shape and form of men and women and when you complete you may have even discovered some new positions in which you can have some fun later on. Perhaps the concept of this game is a little strange to some and in all reality it is. It is actually quite a raunchy game once you think about it. However it is still a great deal of fun. Connecting the figures is harder than one may think simply because you are slightly distracting wondering if some of the positions that are shown are even possible. Though this game is in the adult section it is not perhaps the raunchiest of games and if you are someone who is looking for a sex game this is not for you necessarily. The graphics are not of the highest quality and though may be amusing are most certainly not the most explicit of graphics by a means.
Another interesting area to look at is the background of the game. Though it is not pictures of people stripping as in many other versions of Sextris or x Tetris, there are people in different positions though it is just their shadow. Each level is slightly different and those in themselves can be an amusing addition to the game along with the actual game. X-Tetris is rather addicting once you start playing and you can be found hours afterwards playing it in a rather mindless fashion...
If you have never played Tetris or x Tetris before the game is very straight forward. You need to rotate the shapes that fall from the sky to create a solid line, or in this case to fit two figures together in order to clear that line. Once the line is cleared you get more points. The more lines you clear at a time the greater the value of the points that are earned. Usually you reach a new level for every 10 lines that are cleared.
I hope that this review that I have written has been a great help to all of you who wanted to learn about the game X-Tetris and hopefully you will now download it so that you can spend hours playing it as I have done in the past.
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Hamada (01/16/2011)
nice and cool to find what i want with this easy way thank you. i love this game so much .
Sunset (07/30/2009)
I have been looking for this X Tetris for so many years. At last I found it. The best game ever!
Jcana001 (03/28/2009)
I honestly, think this game is cool. It let's people talk about a subject they normally wouldn't bring up.
Deb (01/29/2009)
This is an interesting and stimulating twist to the original Tetris. Everyone gets a big kick out of seeing it in action.
Shelldog (01/22/2009)
I have played the game before and found it entertaining. Quite the conversation piece at any party.
Harry (09/23/2008)
One of my favorites. I used to play that Tetris a lot, but unfortunately Ι lost it. Now I hope that I will get it again.
Bagol (09/17/2008)
This games is creative. Good games beautiful games. They don't even sound like real moans! Also, it won't let you do man-on-man or girl-on-girl, which would make the game funnier.
Partner12 (09/16/2008)
The game is funny and it is good exercise for your imagination. I love this game, it is very entertaining, I just can't stop playing it.
Jywls (08/26/2008)
Love it! Really super duper. Fun and most funny erotic game. Would love to play it again and again.
Zeliha (07/24/2008)
The game is funny and it is good exercise for your imagination.
Ozyilmazomeromer (02/12/2008)
This is very beautiful game.
Mahvin1 (01/25/2008)
Outstanding game, it adds just enough twist to another wise flat game. I recommend this game, I am very thankful I have found it again.
Bahamianlady (12/24/2007)
This is a fantastic entertaining game. Makes you rethink some of your positions.
Yahyaab (12/17/2007)
It is amazing game and very erotic
Superianfl (12/14/2007)
This game is fun and entertaining!
Shabuchwae (12/01/2007)
I love this enjoyable game! It's too fun.
Kathren (11/12/2007)
This game is the best.
Slater (10/29/2007)
This game is very funny.
Savanh (04/19/2007)
I love this game, it is very entertaining, I just can't stop playing it.
Bunny379 (12/01/2006)
An amusing version of Tetris. The sound effects are a little cheap, though. They don't even sound like real moans! Also, it won't let you do man-on-man or girl-on-girl, which would make the game funnier.

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