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DOS Games > Adventure > C > Crime City for DOS

Crime City

Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 1993    |     Publisher: Impressions    |     Developer: Impressions
Game Review (written by Nickdonoghue23) Added on: 03/02/2007
True Crime is a traditional point and click interface, in every sense of the word. The graphics are nothing special and the sound is atypical of its time. There really isnít anything flashy about this game, but itís a real brainteaser. This game really makes you think and put together a ďwho did it?Ē mentality.
You play the part of one Mr. White, who has the unenviable task of clearing your fathersí name of murder charges. You start by simply asking questions and investigating the original crime scene.
You learn all sorts of crazy things in this process and must follow the proper leads and put together a string of clues. As you talk to some town people you learn some unsettling about people you thought you knew. Everyone is a suspect. From your sweet loving mother to the priest at the local church, seems everyone had a motive.
You learn the art of surveillance to gather information about people from afar. You must talk to every possible lead and follow up on every lead. The truth is out there and your father is depending on you to save him. Luckily for you he is also a detective so if you are stuck in the game just go and talk
Crime CityCrime CityCrime City
to him and he usually points you in the right direction.
As with most games there is the element of time in which you must complete this task. You can choose to walk places or hail a cab. Walking is free but takes more time. Cabs cost money, so to can money you can either play the stock market on your computer or if your are lucky enough beat up a potential thief and take his earnings for the day.
Whichever road you travel on this game, itís sure to be an intriguing one. I highly recommend this game. On a side note, this game does some time, so be patient and think through all possible situations and scenarios before choosing one. It took me quite a while to finally master this game, but it was worth every minute of it. So before you go running off to the internet looking for a web site that offers the hint guide or a walk through, take some time and try to figure it out for yourself. It makes the game a lot more fun; not to mention the personal satisfaction you get from knowing that you figured it out without the help of someone else (or cheating).
So in conclusion I do highly recommend this game for the detective in all of us. If you like typical police games from this era give this game a shot. I am sure you wonít be disappointed.
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Anshulkaya (05/01/2010)
very nice game of crimes . this game is very good one to play on weekend while sitting bored.
Dreamstudio (02/25/2010)
Very pleased to see MY game here, a blast from the past and nice to see 50 people voted. Thanks everyone Steve

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