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DOS Games > Adventure > G > Gobliins 2 for DOS

Gobliins 2

Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 1992    |     Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.    |     Developer: Coktel Vision
Game Review (written by Tmac11) Added on: 01/07/2007
It is more fun then the first one and it is also much better. In addition to the great fantastic graphics that the game presents, the plot is much more intricate and adds many more twists. The puzzles have gotten harder but are now more fun too. This is the perfect combination that makes this game fantastic. The game is no joke either. It is difficult even if it does look a bit childish at first. It is a must play for anyone who has ever played the first one or is a fan or the series or any games of this genre.
In my opinion everyone, whether you enjoy this type of puzzle game or not has to play this, thatís how great it is. I must say though that even if it is better then the first, which it is, it is not quite as good as the third Goblins which is amazing.
My friend told me about this website that allowed me to download Goblins 2 after I had lost my original copy. I was very pleased about it because I new how much fun I had had when I played the game before.
Let me tell you some more about the plot of the game though and why there is a Gobliins 2. Two characters called Fingus and Winkle are selected to rescue the
Gobliins 2Gobliins 2Gobliins 2
Buffoon, the same from the first. After the introduction, you control these two elves, not three like the last game had but similar. Together, they have to complete several tasks on their mission. These tasks include objectives such as getting past a giant, getting inside a castle, and shrinking themselves like mice in order to go to the next world (the hardest one I think). The actions performed are one-way actions. What I mean is, Fingus can do things that Winkle can't, and Wingle can do things that Fingus can't. Like the last game, instead of just completing tasks, you can do other actions that make one hurt themselves, while the other may (or may not) get a good laugh. It's pretty funny how they hurt themselves. You can now exchange items between the elves and between characters. This feature is a big help from the first which didn't have this and it makes the game much easier.
That is a little intro to the plot of this fantastically simple game. I really hope that anyone who has the privilege of using this great website uses it to their advantage and downloads this great game.
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CPG (08/12/2006)
This is the original demo of Gobliins 2 from 1992.
Floridablaze (08/07/2009)
This game is great! Lots of challenging puzzles. Takes a while to beat. I remember this game back when I was younger and it took me forever! Hopefully I can get through it a little easier this time.
Chris (12/11/2008)
This was one of my first PC games. Lot's of levels and secrets. Pretty tricky to figure out. Plenty of fun.
Darla-harper (09/29/2008)
Very funny game, and easy to navagate. Pictures are very nice. You will be missing out if you do not play this game.
Oneponcho (03/21/2008)
Goblins 2 is still such a terrific game. For those of us who grew up in the age of DOS, 386's, and Commodore 64's, this game continues to prove entertaining. With so many puzzles and levels, it will surely keep you entertained even after winning. The antics of Finkle and Winkle will keep you in stitches, as well as thinking how to beat the next puzzle!
Pippy9746 (02/24/2008)
Love this game.
Manthos (09/28/2007)
i have played this game for many hours and at that time , i didnt reach the end of it.Now is the chance to do it
P_drury83 (02/01/2007)
This is an excellent game, very enjoyable, it kept me entertained for hours and hours, download this game now, it has brilliant graphics and great game play
Maanassyal (12/27/2006)
It is an excellent game, please download it
Poison1 (10/23/2006)
Excellent game would recommend!
The first part was a great success and it was logical that part 2 would come up. And it did! Goblins strike again. This time, there's only two of them but the game is still the same - complete the task and proceed with the adventure. If You played Goblins and liked it, Goblins 2 will amaze You even more. A must have.

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