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DOS Games > Adventure > J > Jurassic Park for DOS

Jurassic Park

Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 1992    |     Publisher: Ocean    |     Developer: Ocean Software Ltd.
Game Review (written by Johnnyzero27) Added on: 11/14/2006
Jurassic Park, what a mind job! I remember when I had first read the book, then gone to see the movie, then I was given the game! I was only about 9 or 10 years old at the time, but the extent to which all three blew me away stays with me to this very day. The game itself, which I believe I had originally played on console, is a faithful port if I ever saw one. To get a feel for the graphics, think Altered Beast and, to a lesser extent, the 95-96 Spider-Man animated game.
Fluid sprites and full colour backdrops make Jurassic Park as interesting to look at as it is to play. Note my comparison to a game four full years younger! That's what's missing from today's games that bring us to retro meccas such as this, elbow grease!
I digress, from the source material, Ocean could've taken extreme liberties, but knowing their target audience as they did, they took the smart route. Lift the characters and setting from the movie, as if no other medium involving them existed, and who's to know, eh? Sheer genius when marketing to teens and older children.
I played the game, full well not caring about the progression of the game versus that of the movie,
Jurassic ParkJurassic ParkJurassic Park
it was just a lot of fun! The basic premise is twofold: First, you jump into the dusty boots of one Dr. Alan Grant on a quest to rescue Lex and Tim, the grandchildren of your eccentric benefactor, John Hammond. After that's done, the new bit is to get the power back online on Isla Nublar and get the lot of you to safety.
Most of the game is composed of side scrolling joy, using various bits of ammunition and careful dodging to avoid the incoming dinosaurs. The puzzle sections are a quick, dirty diversion; digging your way through computer systems, and picking up various new toys with which to wreak havoc on the saurian populace.
Speaking of, the "ginormous" tyrannosaur was indeed one of my favourite parts. The few things that I wish would've been added would be a few more diversions from the shoot, jump, duck formula that comprises a large part of the game. My ADD cries out for a driving section in those cool Jeeps, which I had a toy of, by the by. Co-op play was nice, but perhaps a slightly altered story for a more refreshing experience for those who are wearied of single player? Maybe there could be a small FPS section with Robert Muldoon? How about isometric sections when moving between different parts of the park? 2D is fun in its own way, and 16-bit graphics with semi-tinny stereo sound won't leave you shocked and awed. Therein, however lies the charm of this game. It, like so many others, takes us back to a simpler time in gaming. Where graphics and sound were limited, but *game*play really drove a game. Do yourself a favour and give this golden oldie another trip around the park.
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Michael2316 (11/26/2008)
I love the Jurassic Park movies as well as the video games. I am going to college to become a Paleontologist, and this game was one of the games that gave me the idea to become a paleontologist.
Mandabee (09/24/2008)
I loved this game when I was little. I thought it was so great! I Was obsessed with the movie itself, so the game heightened that excitement.
Breezy064 (08/12/2008)
I love the game. It's so addicting and keeps your heart pounding every time you go into a building.
Harry (04/18/2008)
I like Jurassic park and I play it all days, it is fun with lots of dinosaurs, it is just like real
Screechingweasel (02/06/2008)
Greatest game ever.
Poowright (11/07/2006)
this is a great game, fun to play

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