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DOS Games > Adventure > L > Leisure Suit Larry for DOS

Leisure Suit Larry

Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 1987    |     Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.    |     Developer: Sierra On-Line
Game Review (written by Biggoron) Added on: 07/30/2006
Oh my God! I can't believe this game is still alive! I played this game such a long time ago and still laugh out loud at night sometimes thinking about it! My hats off to Mr. Al Lowe! Leisure Suit Larry is one of the funniest adult games out there! This game is about a middle aged perverted looser in a polyester suit trying to score while out in a night at Las Vegas (or so it seemed to me...). The girls he ends up with are not half bad except for the prostitute, of course.
This game has you running from place to place trying to get the right "equipment" to get a certain girl, but don't think it's all fun and games. What I like about this game, is that the settings are very interactive. You can go from reading the writings on a bathroom wall to searching for garbage in an alley. This game does not show any nudity but will simulate some pretty graphic scenes (doing it under the sheets when you are with the prostitute, you see the sheets moving, that's about it).
The only problem with this game though is that it's too short and it'll be over before you expect it to be.
Of course, it's worth your download! Go ahead,
Leisure Suit LarryLeisure Suit LarryLeisure Suit Larry
download the game and see how it feels like to be a little middle aged short balding pervert without getting the downside of it! Just make sure you play with both hands on your keyboard, if you know what I mean! But seriously, this is a great game to download and have a good laugh with, either by you or with some friends and don't be intimidated by the sexual content of this game! In fact, I don't even remember any nudity AT ALL! Except, of course, when Larry is naked... but don't worry!
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CPG (08/12/2006)
This is the original demo of Leisure Suit Larry from 1987.
Prflakachula (03/13/2011)
I remember also playing this game wow so glad I found it.its 1 am I am definitely not sleeping tonight :)
Have not played it for years but still find it amusing. I'm sure that it is a generation x thing as the y's would find it dull compared to the standard of games today.
Ultravenom67 (01/08/2011)
Great game, Hope my son enjoys as much as i did? doubt it. with todays games n graphics. None the less, I Love it!
Parvulissula (07/11/2009)
I used to play this with my mom. It was amazing and terrific! She used to have me help her with the puzzles.
This game is great. So many old memories. I loved the simple video game workings of it. One of the best early point and clicks.
Laymie (03/24/2009)
Larry is great. really funky game with great graphics and dialogue 2 match, I hope the latest one is as good.
Fafilek (12/30/2008)
I was very happy to find "Larry" in the net and now I am curious if I am still such an expert like 20 years ago.
Roadsroads (12/17/2008)
I loved this game when I was a kid. I didn't understand it, but I played anyway! I can't believe that it is still around. It was one of the first games that I could play for hours on end.
Stacie74 (11/15/2008)
I LOVE this game! I remember playing it when I was about eleven or 12 years old! Seeing it again is brings back such memories!
Jennymia (11/08/2008)
Fun game - very funny and entertaining. I like the older versions more than some of the newer ones. Definitely brings back memories from childhood and the first games ever played.
Yoyibarreto (11/05/2008)
I used to have a lot of fun playing this game but I lost track of it. Letīs see if I remember now how to play it.
Kellyoliver (07/25/2008)
First addicted to this game when I used to sneak up and lay in the hallway watching my mum addictively playing the then new interactive game, the text feature was new then but fun now trying to figure out the right command. Larry has to be the most unfortunate character invented and this is evident to anyone playing but larry appears oblivious. This game is for anyone with a crude mind and foul sense of humour so be warned the content is not for kiddies but the adults will have a giggle.
Helenstar (07/14/2008)
I used to play this game years ago when I was a kid. I downloaded it the other week and it's just as good as I remember! Awesome game, I completed it in like a day though!
Susysunset (07/07/2008)
I wanted to relive a gaming experience I had as a young adult, I was interested to know if it was still funny so many years later! It is!
Juanpollo (07/05/2008)
Great game absolutely love it, brings back old memories, I've been looking for this game for a loooooooooong time, great to see that people still care about this game.
Drinkslinger25 (07/05/2008)
As a kid I played this for different a reason. Now as an adult, I get all the in jokes and great humor. Very funny.
Kholdstare5001 (04/28/2008)
I've played the first leisure suit larry so many times and it never gets old. I end up laughing my a** off every time I play
Aussieron (04/11/2008)
Awesome game, I loved it. I remember this from when I was a youngster
Strzd7112 (04/06/2008)
I remember playing this game in high school. It was fun.
Cokie (03/28/2008)
Leisure Suit Larry was one of the first games I played on the C64. It was great. The one I wasn't impressed with was Magna Cum Laude. It was strange in comparison.
Kyorygawa (03/16/2008)
It’s good game and I like it.
Annieg (03/14/2008)
I used to play this game when it was first out! My brother got me hooked onto it - have been looking for it for a while.
Ravenstang1h2ml (03/06/2008)
Very funny game.
Skook (02/17/2008)
Leisure Suit Larry was the best game Sierra created. I have been lookin for this game for a long time. It's not a surprise that Larry's adventures have continued.
Rtane (02/16/2008)
This is a genius game.
Battalla1 (02/09/2008)
This game brings back the memories from high school days. The graphics are fun and interesting. I highly recommend downloading it.
Bean1313 (02/08/2008)
Love this game! Takes me back to my teen years, answering an "adult" question to gain access to the game!
Casianamaitas (01/28/2008)
It’s great but I recommend it for adults only, no kids allowed. I love this game I would play it for hours
Lizziness (12/18/2007)
This game was really cool back in the day.
Patrick490 (12/17/2007)
This is just about the best game ever made.
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 02/21/2006)
This is the EGA Version
You can skip the age verification questions by pressing ALT-X.

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