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DOS Games > Adventure > M > Maniac Mansion Deluxe for DOS

Maniac Mansion Deluxe

Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 2004    |     Publisher: LucasFan Games    |     Developer: LucasFan Games
Game Review (written by Slents) Added on: 12/03/2006
The Nintendo cult classic hits the deluxe upgrade highway. From the cartridge to the disc or down load, Maniac mansion is back! The premise of the game has not changed for you fans of the ever so high tech 64 bit games. Maniac Mansion is a graphic story game, in which you control three teenagers in order to save Sandy the Cheerleader from Dr. Fred, whose mind is being controlled by an evil purple meteor from Outer Space. As we know that is the case with all mad scientists, the ever clever mind control.
You need to explore the house, collect the clues, and save the Cheerleader, while dealing the scientist deranged family, and experiment gone awry. You also need to look out for traps they are everywhere.
What I noticed about the updated version, which is only apparent, is you played the game often. The wording has been changed as were the name of some of the video games in the game room. It has become more user friendly and parent friendly. I know if my parents ever read what was on the screen, I would have been dead meat. For me it was a nice return to my childhood. I enjoyed playing the game and I know others will also. I
Maniac Mansion DeluxeManiac Mansion DeluxeManiac Mansion Deluxe
was able to find hints and cheats, since I get very lazy and just like to get through the game as quick as possible. The game is simple to be quite honest. Get through the mansion with out dying, and rescue Sandy.
The game graphics are the same, have not changed in almost 20 years, but the deluxe edition does scroll a little easier than the original, but I did play the original on the first Nintendo system. Which if you remember the only way to fix a game that was stuck was to take it out and blow in the slot, and then you would have to start over. I still love this game. It's still fun to play and I'm showing my son how to play, but he just likes to remind me of how cheesy it is.
Overall I am really happy that they did not decide to upgrade the game in the same way as they are others now, by adding more realistic blood or tentacles. I think that keeping it as the 64 bit style meant a lot to me as a fan of the 80's games that they stayed true to the game. I give Maniac Mansion a 7/10 score for that was how I scored it 20 years ago, the first time I played.
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E-bozz (09/03/2009)
I was on a mission to find this game tonight.and now I've finally arrived. Behold, The Game from the High Schools ALMIGHTY Learning Lab. Allass.I have found you! Lets bow down this one last time in honor of you memory of the squeeky backback boy. Dare I, or Dare I not, to play this Game of Acient past. I must Dare! HaHAAA!
Rizario78 (05/24/2008)
I used to play this on commodore 64.
Kayepur (03/20/2008)
This game was fun. Old classics are sometimes the best. Really enjoyed the adventure.
Bbs168 (03/19/2008)
Great remake of a great classic, remember playing this for countless hours when I was young
Juliasmith28 (02/06/2008)
I loved this game on my NES!
Janethaney (01/23/2008)
This is a fantastic game. I am glad that I found it! I remember running home from school everyday just to play this game.
Piratesteve83 (12/11/2007)
This is a great game. The original is a classic, and this remade version is spectacular. The graphics are fantastic, the interplay is cool.
David_swan (07/26/2007)
I like it. Itís a real classic.
Boltonranger (01/30/2007)
cool game
Suprajohn17 (08/21/2006)
haven't play in such a long time, great to play once again

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