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DOS Games > Adventure > M > Mission Critical for DOS

Mission Critical

Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 1995    |     Publisher: Legend Entertainment    |     Developer: Legend Entertainment
Game Review (written by Jimclark4) Added on: 06/08/2007
You awaken from the deep darkness of unconsciousness. As you regain your senses, you hear the sound of an alarm coming from the computer terminal. You walk down the hallway of your spacecraft to find that your ship has been damaged and there is no one left aboard but you. What happened? How did you fall unconscious? Where is everyone? What happened the enemy? And what lies ahead for you and your mission?
This is the beginning of the 1995 science-fiction adventure game, Mission Critical. Legend Entertainment created an amazing sci-fi game with rich detail, superb graphics, a compelling storyline, and well-made video segments.
The setting is deep space, during a future world war. Mission Critical effectively sets up the background story through an excellent opening video sequence. Michael Dorn, of the Star Trek series, plays the captain of the USS Lexington. Patricia Charbonneau plays the Lexington’s first officer and may be known from the movie, “Desert Hearts.” When attacked and defeated by the enemy, the captain sacrifices the lives of the entire crew, so that you will have a chance to complete the Lexington’s mission. Using the video logs and computer records, you must figure out the Lexington’s mission and accomplish it.
The detail and graphics in the game are superb. The animations provide smooth 3-D movement throughout the entire ship. The quality is on par with
Mission CriticalMission CriticalMission Critical
the famous adventure game, 7th Guest. In the classic adventure style, there are objects to pick up, puzzles to solve, places to explore, and so much more.
Mission Critical is easily one of my favourite science-fiction games, even today. The storyline is compelling and the gameplay is very satisfying. Most of your adventure is spent on the USS Lexington, as you repair critical systems, hunt for clues about the ship and its mission, and discover more about the storyline. Later, you’ll travel to an alien world and the plot really thickens. It’s the kind of game that you’ll begin and won’t be able to stop playing. From its chilling and dramatic beginning until its deep science fiction conclusion, Mission Critical is a game that will captivate the imagination and fail to disappoint.
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Sirrom9 (04/10/2012)
I loved the video heavy games back in the 90's with this one being in my top ten of that generation.its sad this type of game didnt progress.
Parsleya (05/21/2007)
Absolutely wonderful game. It’s fantastic to see the time and effort involved in this.

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