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DOS Games > Adventure > M > Mixed up Mother Goose for DOS

Mixed up Mother Goose

Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 1987    |     Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.    |     Developer: Sierra On-Line
Game Review (written by Jess_marie11) Added on: 12/09/2006
Oh man! I love this game! This was always one of my favorites to play when I was younger and I can't wait to play it again! I loved solving all of the puzzles and putting together difference pieces of clues in order to finish the game. If I remember right, the graphics were really pretty good too. I do think it was a little slow, but that probably had a lot to do with the quality of my computer back when it first came out.
This game is definitely, 100% a classic.
Let's see, what do I remember about this game? There was a part where you met Humpty Dumpty but I don't remember what you had to do for him. There was also the little boy who put his thumb in the pie and said, "my what a good boy am I!" or something like that. There was the little old lady who lived in a shoe and had so many children she didn't know what to do. There was also the man who could eat no fat and his wife who could eat no lean and so between them both they licked the platter clean. There was also the "hey diddle diddle
Mixed up Mother GooseMixed up Mother GooseMixed up Mother Goose
the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon" rhyme. I really don't know what you had to do for all of these people but they each had a song or a dance if I remember right.
Mother Goose was the star of the show and she would show up when you finished the game I think. I don't remember who the character you played was. It seems like you could choose who it was, like a boy or a girl or something and whether they had brown or blonde hair or whatever. And you would walk around and visit different scenes, kind of like in King's Quest, and the nursery rhyme character would sing his or her song or tell you about his nursery rhyme and what he was missing (like Old King Cole and his four and twenty blackbirds) and then you would look around for the item he or she was missing and bring it to him or her. You would keep doing that until you fixed all of the mixed up nursery rhymes and saved the day! It was really a lot of fun and was stimulating for the mind. I loved fixing the mixed up rhymes and figuring out the answers to what nursery rhyme people were missing. Did I mention that the graphics were pretty cool? They were, and so were the songs, as well as the whole idea of fixing mixed up nursery rhymes.
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Tylerg (03/03/2011)
I hasn't play this game since when I was 12 years old! I can't believe it is still out there. Thanks god, now I can have the opportunity to fresh my mind. I'm 26 years old and I don't find this lame at all!
Tjm_03 (02/03/2009)
I loved this game as a kid! I used to play it all the time. Now that I found it I can't believe how much I still like this game. It helped me with my nursery rhymes!
Baileyable (10/27/2008)
My sister brother and I spent many hours playing this game! It was our favorite game! We each had a character named after ourselves and finished it many many times! Fun!
Devilschild_ (10/06/2008)
As a child my brother had some awesome games to play, and he found me this one to play when I was younger. It became my favorite because it was just right for me, and my brother had picked it out. I spent days, weeks, months playing it.
Aqu4r1u5 (09/18/2008)
Great for kids ! My kids played this game when they were younger. Guess what they still love it! I'm starting to share it with kids I babysit! I hope they love it as much as my kids!
Eliza1987 (07/17/2008)
I love this game! I remember playing it in elementary school it brings back so many memories. Its awesome!
Navindt (06/14/2008)
An amazing game. So what if the animation is 2D. that just makes it better, and the memories fly. I loved it then and nothing has changed. Even if you've never played it, I reccommend it! Have fun!
Kellyvl (05/08/2008)
I love this game. I always played it with my sister. I had it a couple years ago too. And I remembered everything
Gabby (04/26/2008)
I remember this game. I used to play this game all the time as a kid and I wish I still had it.
Eodenaj (04/06/2008)
I played it every day as a child.
Awadgold24 (02/21/2008)
It is a great game.
Lana (11/19/2007)
I used to play this game for HOURS as a kid!
Marthy (07/06/2007)
I used to play this game years ago, now that I found it again I realize that I still enjoy it. It’s nice for small kids.
Sarahannnx3 (12/02/2006)
This game is great for kids. I hope you’ll have fun playing it!

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