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DOS Games > Adventure > R > Rockstar for DOS


Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 1994    |     Publisher: Wizard Games    |     Developer: Wizard Games
Game Review 1 (written by Rebecca) Added on: 01/05/2008
Rockstar is an extremely outdated text only based game but it has much going for it even now, I remember playing this game over and over again back in the day because I loved the concept of being the leader in the best rock and roll band in the world. But you have to be very careful here or you may end up burnt out or in an early Rockstar grave.
This one game is an addictive game dealing with the over the top excesses of your stereotypical Rockstar of the 80’s; the game has an excellent sense of humor.
Underneath all the temptations such as drug abuse, alcoholism, groupie sex you still have to develop a business sense and display your talents, like a good voice to succeed.
You need to produce and record albums and hits while touring Europe and the entire world without giving into the base temptations too much. One of my favorite parts of the game is naming my band and my songs which also results in many hours of game play when you want to try something new.
Music is the main emphasis in Rockstar with drugs running a very close second. Steer clear of heroin because just like in real life the addiction may be too hard to overcome but hey you always have LSD to keep
you amused. With the progression of the game you are offered many different types of drugs as I imagine would happen in real life, some actually make you more creative and of course others will lead you down the path to counselors and rehabs, if it gets too bad you might end up in the asylum or overdosing.
There are a lot of obstacles to overcome in this game obviously and as your fame increases so does the demand for more concerts and more records. You need to learn when to keep going and when to slow down and take a holiday.
Rockstar is a great game, very addictive just like the drugs in the game, and has the ability for you to totally waste hours with trying to become a great Rockstar. You’ll be satisfied and delighted!
Game Review 2 (written by Ryballs) Added on: 08/28/2007
In Rockstar you start off as a budding music artist and must bring your band to stardom by practicing and writing songs, taking many different drugs (even with your grannie!), recording albums or singles and touring Europe and the US.
Along the way you battle to negotiate better deals with record companies, go for holidays around the world and go on talk shows to gain publicity. Drugs are a huge part of this game (almost more than the music) and overindulging on the many different types can lead to an addiction or even worse - overdose. One tip of mine is to stay clear of the heroin, one taste of that stuff and it is very hard to give up! When you are on LSD the screen changes to so many different flashing colours, itís almost like you ARE on LSD.
Also much like The Sims or Jones in the Fast Lane, you must keep your muse happy and well or he might get sick, even slit his wrists! Great humour and excellent game, it will keep you amused for hours on end. This must be the best text-based game I have ever played. Two Thumbs WAY Up!

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