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DOS Games > Adventure > T > The Neverhood for DOS

The Neverhood

Genre: Adventure    |     Year: 1996    |     Publisher: Dreamworks Interactive    |     Developer: The Neverhood Inc.,
Game Review 1 (written by Shintor) Added on: 09/04/2006
First off, let me start this review by stating that this is an excellent game. And these words are coming from a person who is not a very big fan of this style of game. In fact, I usually shy away from point and click adventure style games.
The Neverhood has a particularly interesting story behind it, and it goes a little something like this: there once was a being named Hoborg, and one day Hoborg found the perfect type of clay, so he took this clay and made a world known as The Neverhood.
Along with The Neverhood, Hoborg created three "sons" out of the clay, Willie Trombone, Klaymen, and Klogg. Willie Trombone is a dimwitted, but loveable fellow, while Klogg is very greedy. Klogg grows jealous of Hoborg's reign over The Neverhood, so he steals Hoborg's crown, ascends to power, and just generally makes a mess of things and it's up to Klaymen to stop Klogg's nefarious plan.
Now that we have the basics of the plot summed up, its onto what game's are really all about. The game-play of The Neverhood is fairly simple. As stated earlier, it is a point and click style adventure game in which you guide Klaymen through various areas of The Neverhood solving puzzles. Many of these
The NeverhoodThe NeverhoodThe Neverhood
puzzles are very complex and difficult, so the best strategy is to think very logically when solving them. It will also help you a lot to take out a pen and sheet of paper to take notes on because some of the puzzles are based on the memorization of patterns.
Graphics wise, The Neverhood is one of the most unique games I have ever seen. The reason being is that the entire game is rendered using a technique called claymation. If you are having a hard time picturing what I am talking about think of the films The Nightmare before Christmas or Wallce and Grommit. The characters of The Neverhood have a very cartoon look about them. Like Klaymen for instance has a black tube sticking out of his head and Willie Trombone looks somewhat like a duck. Overall the graphical presentation of this game is very stylish and the makers of this game did an excellent job.
In conclusion, this is a wonderful adventure that can be enjoyed by gamers in general, and not just fans of adventure games.
Game Review 2 (written by Ehsgrad) Added on: 09/01/2006
This is a great game, with a lot of twists to it. Itís a claymation game that is kind of cool the way it's set up. The puzzles vary from the very funny to the incredibly stupid. You walk around as a clay figure and attempt to solve puzzles as you move around. Most of the time spent in the game is trying to figure out what to do with the things at hand, for example at one point you have walk the guy through the lighting of a match: so he has to pick up a matchbox, then open it, then take out a match, then strike the match against the side of the box, just to do a simple thing like that. One particular point of the game actually involves walking through a hallway thatís thirty eight Screens long... And of course you can't just keep walking, the character insists upon stopping at every single screen.
Also enjoyable is the making of video. I donít know if it is included in the download, but it shows a layout of the clay setup made by the creators of the game... It gives a better perspective about just how much of the game they could computer animate and how much they could claymation film...
More of a classic puzzle game than a real exciting action adventure game, this game is most appreciated by those who played it years ago. I was introduced to it as a kid, and I was overjoyed finding it on the internet! It brings back old memories, and better yet, I can also remind by siblings of it.
The great thing about this game is that it involves less computer animation than your basic side scrolled or 3d shooter, because the character is actually one created out of clay, not very many pixel scenes and not really any excessive lag times.
The downside to this game is the total ambiguity of each of the puzzles... each seems to have very loose link to the next and the story line is very vague. This tends to be off set by the humor in the game... a lot of the game dwells upon funny scenes and movies that stray towards the very ridiculous. Itís great for small children as well as the older generation. The simplicity of the game, combined with the over all comedic scenery and setting makes this a great game, in comparison to many of the other games of its time.
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Veganinfurs (01/16/2011)
This is such a beautiful looking game, and really fun too. The animation and art is great, I love the creepy feel to it. The soundtrack is awesome as well! Can't wait to download this and experience it again!
Jigglingwaffle (12/17/2010)
Played this as a child and loved it. Thought the clay animation is what made it so unique and its a cool world the way they designed it. Awesome game!
Adamhoulden (07/11/2009)
I really enjoyed those funny movies. The graffics are awesome and the violence so realistic. Great game!
Beukmanthea (06/07/2009)
If you are looking for a great puzzle game, you found it. It gave me hours of fun. I recommend it to everyone!
Jessecool (05/18/2009)
This is an awesome game! You have to play it. It is really addicting. For instance, the graphics are very good for a game made in the 90's. It also has a very interesting storyline. Very fun.
Emma1234 (11/12/2008)
This is a great game - I remember playing it for hours. Really frustrating at times, but lots of fun.
Dsfsflorida (10/16/2008)
This is one game I've never forgotten. It's one you can play with your children and have tons of fun. We particularly enjoyed eating lots of those little white balls (fruit?) on the red tree, or is it a very large mushroom? Not sure, but it's truly a classic and I'm glad it's still available.
T1chic (10/08/2008)
This game was so amazing! I really enjoyed the unique characters and plot. It rivaled some of the other games I used to play as a child - Grim fandango and Monkey Island.
Manxamoc (10/06/2008)
Fantastic game with beautiful visuals. If the amazing artwork doesn't draw you in, then the intuitive puzzles will.
Didi (09/27/2008)
This game is one of the best games I have ever played. It is a rich combination of humour, puzzles, action & adventure, not to mention some pretty catchy music and interesting graphics. Be sure to eat lots of apples under the tree.
Phantom_88 (09/25/2008)
This is an awesome game, very funny cut scenes and the puzzles aren't too hard. I've played this game a few times and each time the puzzles are different, when playing, I always make note of little markings on walls and symbols because you'll probably need them later. The animation really gets me in this game. It's cleverly made and funny to play with someone sitting right next to you, trying to convince you to jump in a drain or poke a weird clay creature. All in all a good time spent.
Dd grffin (09/24/2008)
Absolutely loved this game! I loved the thinking that was involved! And I loved the animations! Brilliant!
Tamwest (09/18/2008)
What an awesome game! Beware it becomes addictive! :) The humor is incredible, the fact that everything is made out of clay is fantastic in itself. A captivating game that is definitely worth playing.
Tom (08/18/2008)
Awesome incredible game. I can play it on and on for years. it never becomes boring. The best ever.
Tubagirl53 (07/15/2008)
Awesome game, I want to download it so I can show my nieces how much fun I had playing it when I was a kid.
Dwn2erthfests (06/14/2008)
This game was really crazy. Graphics are completely different than anything you've seen. iI you like adventure games here you go.
Lorca (06/07/2008)
I played this game at a friends house nearly ten years ago and never got a chance to finish it. Ever since then I've been searching. This game is amazing if you are interested in story-driven plot lines, and a fun but not too difficult series of puzzles to solve. The use of claymation eliminates many of the complaints about crappy graphics that are common to older games.
Bizzybee (06/01/2008)
I got this game for my children 10 years ago. They solved it over 7 weeks of travel around the US. I had never completed it and got it out again last night and have gotten very little sleep. The contemplative nature of this game as well as the challenging lateral thinking puzzles were a lot of fun. The sound track is 40% of the fun as well as the humor. I loved the game and look forward to introducing it to the next crop of kids.
Emperorreaper (05/27/2008)
Awesome game!
K-dawg (05/15/2008)
It as an amazing game. I really like the music, and the clay stop-motion FMVs. It is truly a unique game that can be taken out of the cupboard when all other games seem to be a bore!
Paul (05/02/2008)
Me and my son (aged 5 at the time) had many fun hours playing this game, him laughing at the videos and me solving the puzzles until the final screen when my son turned the tables and solved it dispite me spending many days trying. I still have the original game and dispite completing it before I still play it from time to time.
Maxipuff (04/28/2008)
Awesome game.
Utmostroxy (04/17/2008)
I only ever got to play the demo to this game but it was still very exciting and interesting to play! Defiantly, family game for all ages! Young or old, this game is a winner all round!
Dawnathompson (04/06/2008)
Such amazing game.
Enigmaticdragon (04/01/2008)
It is still one of my favorite games today! Even though it was point and click, the puzzles were exciting and challenging but fun to work through.
Greg (03/21/2008)
The best game for everyone. I love it because it is funny, nice, with humor and is not aggressive. More than this, this game has very good sound track and intelligent story. If you start playing this game you won't stop.
Groovystar23 (03/16/2008)
This game is so awesome. I remember playing it back in the day! I couldn't ever get past it, but I loved playing it. I am so glad I found this website and all the old time classics that I played as a kid!
Am1_gvrd (02/24/2008)
My son loved this game when he was a preschooler, and he still talks about it now that he's a teenager. In terms of originality and creative effort, it's hard to name anything better.
Morten (02/22/2008)
The neverhood is indeed the best game in the world! I cried at the end of the game because it was so touching!
Hcrea (02/18/2008)
I played this game a long time ago. Still my favorite video game of all time. Fun and it makes you think.
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 04/04/2007)
The game tends to crash at the great cannon. You can download a savegame saved directly after the cannon.

Just extract the zip file and run the savegame. There are to savegames. One for the first time with the cannon and one for the second time.
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 02/21/2007)
This game needs a patch. Download and install it after you've installed The Neverhood.
Be sure to run the game in windows 95 compatibility mode (Right-click the nhc.exe in your windows explorer. Open "Properties" >> "Compatibility" and set it to "Run this program in compatibility mode" (Windows 95).)
If you still have any problems, you can try this alternative patch, too. Extract the zip into you neverhood directory.

Be sure to backup nhc.exe before you patch this game

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