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DOS Games > Arcade Action > B > Blood 2: The Chosen for DOS

Blood 2: The Chosen

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1998    |     Publisher: GT Interactive    |     Developer: Monolith Productions, Inc
Game Review 1 (written by Patemp) Added on: 12/30/2006
In the wake of games like Half Life, there has been an increasing demand for games with a 'story line'. Personally, I don't remember ever caring what was happening in Doom - I had gun, gun had ammo, room of monsters ahead ha ha ha. Sure, even antisocial games like the GTA series DO benefit from a plot and diverse gameplay. But Blood 2 is just so much simpler (as in: gun, ammo, monsters ha ha ha).
Yes, it's delightfully politically incorrect how you are actively encouraged to kill innocent bystanders to consume their hearts to gain health.
Enemies will explode into a multitude of organs and destruction of property is all in a day's work. That's right, destruction of property - there's no namby-pamby indestructible furniture here. You get plenty of ammo and a few shots will plough through most desks, computers, shelves, boxes. Find a decent room and you can send debris flying all around you.
Weapons include the usual fare of pistol, shotgun, machine gun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher types. Nothing wrong with that. But there are a couple original extras. Like the voodoo doll which will cause a small amount of damage to a targeted enemy and the flare gun. The latter fires a flare which will stick into enemies (and yourself) and slowly burn them to death.
Blood 2: The ChosenBlood 2: The ChosenBlood 2: The Chosen
It doesn't cause a great deal of damage on the higher difficulty settings but it's fun to see the monsters turn black and burn up.
And the speed: Doom was a fast game, so were the Quakes. Duke Nukem wasn't, but this is where Blood 2 beats its predecessor and several games since; the graphics look reasonable even by today's standards and it flies along so nicely on even the highest settings.
Extra features include the ability to play as one of four characters, with cut-scenes for just the main guy but one-liners for each of them. The night-vision goggles are a nice item (even if you only really need them twice) and you can throw a mystical eye around corners to spy on the enemies.
Now for the downsides: the game crashed every 30-40 minutes but as movement is so fast it never took long for me to get back to my previous position. Of more concern was that sometimes doors wouldn't open when they should and picking up items isn't always as simple as just running over them. Also, I found I couldn't pass a certain point as one of the extra characters which kinda makes her superfluous.
Blood 2 is easy to throw away but easier to pick up; the likes of HL2 require dedicated time whereas this is good to go the moment it loads - some current games could learn a thing or two from this.
Disclaimer: I do not condone the use of violence against people or property. If you feel the need to express any suppressed anger, consult a counselor or friend. This game is suitable only for those with a righteous heart who love fighting the forces of evil. And that's the official line.
Graphics 8/10
Gameplay 9/10
Originality 7/10
Overall 8.5/10
Game Review 2 (written by Majin_shenmue) Added on: 12/16/2006
Blood 2: The Chosen is awesome game. I truly love the whole death like atmosphere that the game offered. I remember how awesome the first one was. The best part about the first one is the fact that you can have a infinite ammo cheat. I mean come on! How stupid would someone have to be not to realize how cool and important it is to have such a cheat? All well. Back to the game. The graphics were superb for itís time. Think of games like half life one or such. Thatís what the graphics on this game looks like. My favorite part of this game is the sound. A throw back to games like Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem, your character is constantly making sarcastic comments. There are even a few tributes to Evil Dead. Sometimes its hard to play the game because you'll find yourself laughing too hard!
For control, we have typical FPS style options. You can set up a controller, keyboard and mouse to your liking. Your character controls quite well and is very responsive to your commands.
Every aspect of design in Blood II is truly remarkable. You have a wide variety of enemies, along with a slew of varied environments that keeps the game fresh every level you pass. You'll find yourself getting caught up in the action as your bust out your guns John Woo style as you run into a room with no thought of personal safety.
Well, one of the best bonuses any game developer can give you is multiple characters to play with, and that they have. Four of them are fully customizable and have totally unique styles to them that really set them apart from each other.
You are Caleb, a gun-touting bad-ass from beyond. You betrayed your faith a hundred years ago by killing your god and absorbing his powers. Now, Cabal, the followers of that god, is out to get you. They are lead by a man named Gideon who just really pisses you off. Why? 'Cause he thinks you are a disgrace! Cool Game in a nut shell so pick it up now. Donít wait!
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Hiredeep (02/06/2009)
This game is just amazing and I'm always ready to play this anytime. I just love this game. I remember the days when Rise of the Triad, Doom, and even Wolfenstien were considered the best of their time. Then Blood came out and totally smashed the competition. SOOOO happy they made the sequel! Brings back lots of fond memories(This was the first game I ever played over a modem line! ahh those were the days! lol).
Dreamer (09/28/2008)
Always my childhood best game ever. I remember the days when Rise of the Triad, Doom and even Wolfenstien were considered the best FPS of their time. Then blood came out and totally smashed the competition. SOOOO happy they made the sequel. Brings back lots of fond memories. This was the first game I ever played over a modem line. Ahh! those were the day. LOL
Vyse (08/24/2008)
Still have my original copy of the game, and somehow - it still works on my new laptop! Never get tired of it, and I can remember being totally terrified when playing it as a kid! Again, excellent game!
Mandardixit (08/23/2008)
This is a very interesting game & we are loving playing the game. It is very difficult but if we have patience, we can complete the game.
Lordchimbon (06/04/2008)
This game is impressive. It's what I've been looking for several years.
Arpit24 (05/20/2008)
I love this game. This is the first mission game I played.
Arpit24 (05/20/2008)
I love this game!
Poeshaar (04/12/2008)
Truly one of the Greats! Just love the intensity and atmostphere of this game. Violence, guts and gore has always been a number one requirment for me when it came to shoot-em'ups and this game definatly fills out that quota.
Arockalypse2 (04/10/2008)
Super game.
Arockalypse2 (04/10/2008)
Super game. I love blood 2. Good graphics
Refaat (02/06/2008)
Very nice horror game. I like its graphics design and sound. Programming is very good.
Franberries (12/25/2007)
This is one of the best games ever! The graphics are good!
Jorgemack (10/16/2007)
It’s a classic game. The graphic are very colorful.
Pandugadu (10/11/2007)
Blood 2: The Chosen really thrilling game. A fantastic game with different characters to choose from in "The Chosen" mode, all with different abilities which makes replay value great. I love it!
Jorge (10/09/2007)
Itís a fantastic game!
Photek66 (10/08/2007)
A classic game with different characters to choose from in "The Chosen" mode, all with different abilities which makes replay value great. However this game can be very hard I found myself making it to the next level with only 5-10 life points left. Only to die right at the start of the new level and have to reload the previous level from a save point and try to make it through with more health. Apart from that this is a fantastic game, one of the "Must Download" games on the fantastic site.
Prashanth123 (08/27/2007)
It’s a very good game. I like it very much. It is also very much interesting in playing it.
Arkenahten (07/03/2007)
I remember the days when Rise of the Triad, Doom and even Wolfenstien were considered the best fps of their time.then blood came out and totally smashed the competition. SOOOO happy they made the sequel! Brings back lots of fond memories(This was the first game i ever played over a modem line! ahh those were the days! lol)
Bairclau (12/27/2006)
Gory but thrillingly satisfying

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