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DOS Games > Arcade Action > B > Bonkheads for DOS


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1998    |     Publisher: 1 AM Entertainment    |     Developer: 1 AM Entertainment
Game Review (written by Josyiscool) Added on: 11/03/2006
This game was fun. It was just like Super Mario Bros. and everyone should play it. If anyone has ever wanted to experience a fun, exciting game they should try bonkheads. There are 144 levels, and the objective of the game is to save the town. There are 3 giant bosses that you have to beat: Shrew-man-Chew, T. Wrecks, and D. Evil. You beat your enemies by bonking them from underneath and then kicking them away instead of jumping on them or something like that.
It's kind of like how you kill the turtles in Super Mario Bros., but you have to "bonk" them first.
All sorts of animals like dogs, raccoons, and bees will charge at you and try and kill you. You can warp from left to right at the end of the screen just like Pac Man. The action is fast and tough and it keeps you on your toes, figuratively speaking of course. The town's elder is also always available for help, and will help guide you through.
This game is also very colorful and enhanced and provides a good gaming experience. You can also change the difficulty level from easy to medium to hard. The game is easy at first, but gets more difficult
as you press on, so it's probably a good idea to watch a demo before you get started on your 144 level quest.
Bonkheads can also be played in two player mode. It's already fun playing solo, but with one more player the fun can just grow, so why not invite over a friend to play Bonkheads. Everyone enjoys super mario bros so I donít see why people shouldnít enjoy bonkheads. It's fun with an actual objective. I kind of think that 144 levels is a little much, but the gaming is hooking. I ended up playing for a good hour and a half, although I only got to level 25. I hope everyone tries this game out at least once, itís worth your time. First try playing solo, then see how far you get, and after playing solo for awhile invite a friend to play and see how far you can get together. Make sure you try this out, itís not a game to just pass up. Don't judge this book by its cover, dive into the depths of its mysteries and solve them either by yourself or with a few of your friends too!
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Chirrag (01/23/2011)
its a worth playing game. u shold at least play it once in order to enjoy the thrill of playing a game
Vinitamohanan (01/02/2011)
Nice game. Have played this long back. Nice to find and download this game after so long. Have been searching this game for sometime now.
Marce (05/02/2009)
The most beautiful game in the world! I like it very much and I think it`s very interesting. I love it.
Herswaroop (12/20/2008)
It is a very fantastic game and very romantic. When we play this game we find a new stage and new barriers. So we like this game very much.
Abdullah (12/06/2008)
It is a very good game and I like it very much and I also have the full version of it.
Mood (11/28/2008)
I like that game very much, I have been playing it since I was child and I searched for it so long I finally got it.
Nba (11/15/2008)
Cool game. Finally I got it. I was waiting for a long time to play this game, and finally I got it. Thanks a lot mate.
Sumon (09/23/2008)
I love this game very much. It is my favorite game.This game is the best of all games. It is beautiful.
Achal (07/08/2008)
It's great and rocks, the game is a suberb one. Play it and have fun and enjoy it.
Shaz (06/04/2008)
I love this game. I play this all the time.
Rahul1434u (05/04/2008)
It is a fantastic game to play.
Anuanu (04/25/2008)
I have been searching for this game so far, I found this game long back and I love it. I have already completed all the levels now I again want to finish all the levels once again.
Shahan hassan (04/25/2008)
It is quiet exciting and challenging.
Omar nour (03/27/2008)
Great game.
Dobre lucian (03/16/2008)
This game is the best of all games. It is beautiful.
Mikhel (02/10/2008)
This is a smart game.
Attila (01/21/2008)
It is simply good! I love it.
Londin guy (12/29/2007)
WOW a great game. I beat the demo a long time ago. I am glad it is still up
Corey (11/23/2007)
This is so good, I love it. The best game ever
Swim_or_ski88 (08/27/2007)
This game is great for new gamers or young children but is interesting enough to amuse older gamers too. Simple but enjoyable. Download it!
Atif (08/07/2007)
Excellent game, one must play it. Great fun, not only for a single player but also for two players as rivals (not a game option) or friends.
Muneeb_02 (07/09/2007)
I am playing this game since I was 6 and now I am 14.5 years. Still playing. I Love It. It’s a very cool game although it is a 2 dimension game but the graphics are still cool to be played
Magedeltayeb (07/07/2007)
I love this game very much. It is my favorite game.
Azam (06/15/2007)
I love this game too much.
Aman (05/16/2007)
I love this game very much.
Amit (08/28/2006)
this game is very best game in all dos games.
Showrov (08/26/2006)
This is an excellent game. I don't support this is only a game for the kids-showrov
Doodey (06/10/2006)
It's very goooooooood game. I love this game.
Iman (02/09/2006)
i and my kids play the game together and we spen funny time .it's a very nice game

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