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DOS Games > Arcade Action > B > Bubble Bobble Hero 2 for DOS

Bubble Bobble Hero 2

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1999    |     Publisher: Lonaisoft    |     Developer: Lonaisoft
Game Review (written by Optykal) Added on: 10/19/2006
Action, excitement, verve for life and a sense of immediate madness - these are all phrases that can be used to describe the intellectually stimulating--yet brimming with fun - Bubble Bobble Hero 2. In an age when games are just mindless repetitions or everything you have come to expect, this game shines on its own as something that, heretofore, is simply unparallel.
Graphics? Such a word does not do justice. "Beauty" or "Translucence" would be more suited to what you see within this richly enchanting game.
And how does it play, you ask? Like driving a finely tuned Lamborghini down the road at 200 miles per hour, this game blows you away. There is nothing like it, in my humble opinion. It will keep you up for hours, and you will thank it for doing so. Do you ever feel like your life has no meaning, as if you're just swimming from place to place like a dolphin with no sense of time, distance or reality?
Then you need to play this game. It will change everything. Food will taste better. Your lovemaking will be better. You will never, ever get another headache. That is, until you stop playing. That is my only complaint. Once I
Bubble Bobble Hero 2Bubble Bobble Hero 2Bubble Bobble Hero 2
stopped playing, my own life stopped making sense. I felt like the Hero of this game after the end credits roll. I felt like I had lived, died, and been cremated. Whether or not this is a bad thing, I am unsure. All I know is that I wanted to play more.
If you have a deep love of everything beautiful, you are doing yourself and everyone around you a terrible disservice if you do not play this game. It is simply out of this world. It is as if God himself looked at Adam, then at Eve, and said to them both: "If you play Bubble Bobble Hero 2, all your sins are forgiven. Do not worry about that apple. Just play the game." It really is that good. If there are any words left to sway you in playing, then you are not easily swayed.
You shouldn't even be reading this by now. You should be playing the game. What is wrong with you? Play it right now. It is better than anything you have ever experienced. Take my word for it. I am not over exaggerating. I am being honest. Your life will never be full until you play this fabulous game. No more words. Just gaming!
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Ogiskhan (12/21/2010)
i like bubble bobble hero 2 game. i want to play this game please give me this game. Try it and you will love it!
Kopolo222 (11/29/2008)
I absolutely LOVE this game! It's really fun and makes you want to play more. Try it and you will love it!
Jiaying (12/17/2007)
It is a good game, very cool. I love it very much!
Yarinb1 (12/09/2007)
It’s a really cool and wonderful game!
Madams1957 (02/22/2007)
Pretty good game, the graphics are ok and gameplay is fun, it is a little hard to unlock some of the secret levels
Starangel (10/12/2006)
It is a great game! I love it !
Gamer99 (10/11/2006)
it's a happy, funny game

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