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DOS Games > Arcade Action > C > Carnivores: Ice Age for DOS

Carnivores: Ice Age

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 2001    |     Publisher: WizardWorks    |     Developer: Action Forms
Game Review (written by Eric) Added on: 01/29/2008
The game Carnivores Ice Age was released in 2001, four years after the successful release of the original Carnivores and the release of the Carnivores 2 games. The game is a hunting game which became a popular genre in the 90s. The game is pretty similar to the original Carnivores but featured a more interesting game play which was probably brought about by the difference in the creatures hunted.
The game is set in the prehistoric ages when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.
You will hunt the dinosaurs as if you were hunting deer. But because the Dinosaurs are big and fierce, hunting them requires more skill. Prehistoric creatures are also more resilient and strong and can take more hits and damage than the creatures in the original Carnivores game.
The graphics of the game are amazing. The game is rendered in 3D animation that is very impressive. This is what makes the game really stand out. You really feel as if you have stepped into another world when you play the game Carnivores - Ice Age. This is pretty much the same graphics system that was used in the two previous Carnivores games. If you have played the two other Carnivore games then the graphics
Carnivores: Ice AgeCarnivores: Ice AgeCarnivores: Ice Age
may not be as impressive to you. Still you have to admit the animals look pretty realistic and are well-made. There are so many animals including - the deer, bear, wolf, tigers, birds, mammoths and others. The animals have different behaviors which you must remember when hunting. You can also observe them for a while to learn about their behavior. There is an observer mode which you might also enjoy because of the fantastic animation.
The sounds of the game are also good and realistic and definitely add to the whole feel of the game. Because the game play is pretty simple, you are just hunting for animals, you will get the excitement from the fantastic settings, graphics and atmosphere more than anything else.
There are no missions or quests in the game. Like I said earlier, it is a simple hunting game. First you just specify what animal you are hunting for and then you hunt for that creature.
You will have the choice between the following armaments when you hunt in the game: shotgun, rifle, sniper rifle, crossbow, double-barreled shotgun and a pistol. Not all the weapons are easy to use. Some of them can even be quite frustrating. Like any other shooter game, find the weapon that you can best handle.
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Lynn (02/10/2011)
i hope you can get this to go on to my computer because the ice age is very fascinating to me.
Pukisbalta (03/01/2009)
It's the best game I have ever played. Sometimes it's scary sometimes it's fun, but I like it. This game really is the best.
Obtomkinobi (11/17/2008)
I just finished playing Carnivores again and it still makes me jump when an Allosaurus pounces on me from behind. Great game!
Oitwiggyoi (09/06/2008)
Massacring dinos is always fun. I've played this game for years and have always loved it.
Mojoman1634 (08/19/2008)
This game is awesome. Me and my friend used to play it all the time, and it still never gets old. I mean, who doesn't love to be chased by a bear? Or by a Sabertooth? And, you can even get chased by a crazy Yeti! It's nuts. I like to play this game because it's always fun to try to stay alive.

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