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DOS Games > Arcade Action > C > Croc: Legend of the Gobbos for DOS

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1997    |     Publisher: Fox Interactive    |     Developer: Argonaut Software
Game Review (written by Shen77) Added on: 11/23/2006
I Played Croc 8 years ago on my PS1. From what i remember the graphics where colorful and imaginative, Croc had a certain charm what with the bulging eyes and the snaggle tooth, The Dantinis were cute for bad guys, the Gobbos were the cutest little fluff balls I’ve ever seen.
The music was mildly memorable but not as memorable as the graphics, there were a couple of catchy tunes, overall the music was good but not great.
Thus the Audio & Visual quality wasn't all that bad for the time, I would have give them a 8/10.
The Story was as such, long ago the Gobbo King found a little crocodile in a basket, out of remorse the King decided to take care of the poor little guy, times were peaceful for many years, that is until Barron Dante came along, he kidnapped all of the gobbos and put them in cages. Croc Must Rescue the gobbos and save the king from the clutches of Barron Dante.
The Gameplay was where it shined the most of all, the simple platforming formula of old has lent it a bit of a very retro feel, something about it all just seems right.
though the controls can be just a bit touchy a times, Croc controlled quite well, though there are of course the dreaded
Croc: Legend of the GobbosCroc: Legend of the GobbosCroc: Legend of the Gobbos
bottomless pits and timed jumps, but that's only a miniscule dent in the gameplay that should not take much from the enjoyment of the game, older players will find it to easy to begin with but it gets tougher later, and for the young players it's not to bad a game start with. Overall this is one of my favorite games of all times the gameplay is near flawless,the graphics are very good for the times, the audio is decent and not at all annoying, the controls's needed some work but they weren't to bad, and the story was quite simplistic and easy to follow as well.
This game has certain innocence that might scare away older players but will bring in the younger.
Overall its a very good little game and as such I wish to give it an 8.5/10
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Warrior091 (02/20/2011)
Brilliant classic game enjoyed it alot back in the budding years of gaming now time for my kids to enjoy it also
Freesoul (01/02/2011)
This game is really amazing! I really love it! But I don't know how to extract it. could you tell me how I can do it?
Nichole (08/29/2008)
I remember playing this game years ago back in middle school. I've been looking for it. The most fun game right here!
San91 (08/13/2008)
I really like this game! It is just perfect and so much fun! The little crocodile is so cute and funny, I really love it! I played it for the first time, I think 3 years ago with a friend and I still love it!
Cashy_boy (07/20/2008)
This game rules! You play as a croc and must defeat the evil dante. You can run swin and even fly! Help the gobbos, croc legend of the gobbos.
Hellooldfriend (01/18/2008)
Croc is awesome! Absolute best game ever!
Muhveli (01/04/2008)
The game is so fun and great!
Crockid (12/02/2007)
Highly recommended.
Yaffazara (12/24/2006)
I think this game is really fun!

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