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DOS Games > Arcade Action > C > Crunchling Adventure for DOS

Crunchling Adventure

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1997    |     Publisher: Freeware    |     Developer: Freeware
Game Review (written by Justine666) Added on: 10/11/2006
The game Crunchling Adventure is a game for all ages. It is a game where you raise a little crunchling and you have to battle the evil guy at the end. You can pick what color you want your crunchling, also you get to pick it a really cute super duper name. After that finally happens to be, you get to keep it alive.
You have to feed the crunchy crunchling captain crunch, then you can play with it. You can tickle the little dear, and you can play with him.
Then you have to play games to get his strength, jumping and speed scores up. The game where you get their jumping score up is a skateboarding game. There are various things that you have to jump over. Such as boxes and construction signs. If you catch the crunches while you jump you get added power and such. When you fall down, the funny little creature you are playing with makes a hilarious noise! It's really funny.
Sometimes it is fun to just have them trip over and over again so you can hear them make their funny noises. I love it really. So then there is a game about strength. You throw rocks up into the air and you have to try
Crunchling Adventure
to break other rocks. There are bird dinosaurs that fly by, if you hit them with a rock, you get three extra points! It is super awesome.
Also there is jumping, you have to jump up and over all this stuff. You are like, in a computer chip place. And there are floating things like a Mario game. You have to jump all over them.
So anyway, then after you get up all their strengths you can challenge the guy to a duel. The big bad guy goes faster or slower depending on your abilities. If you are a really good jumper, he will climb slower so it gives you more time to jump up and down. If you are not very good at jumping, it will climb super fast and there is no way you could ever win. It is really important to make sure you have all of your points. If you are going to have a jumping duel with him, he will not miss a single jump, so if you don't miss a jump either then you are more than likely going to win. Also there is the strength one. You both have a head to head match of throwing rocks up into the air! Whoever hits more rocks wins! And if you win the challenge you free all the little crunchlings that are in danger.
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Puffinator (12/11/2010)
This game is too good. I remember playing it when I was just a wee child. The skateboarding game is especially fun.
Brooke pedersen (12/25/2008)
The best game I ever played as a kid to pre-teen. I would play this game until my fingertips bled. It was ridiculous!
Jspoop (09/26/2008)
I played this game as a kid and I couldn't find it anywhere else. Its so fun! I played it so much my Mom took it away, and I've been looking for it since I remembered it.
Joe (07/26/2008)
This game is so cool I have not played it for a long time and I got it for all my friends and they really liked it, it is so COOL.
Paola (01/18/2008)
I love this game, I have been playing it since kindergarten
Johnathan24 (10/29/2007)
This game is so cool. I played the game at school with my friends.
Lilthizz (10/13/2007)
Awesome game! I used to play it all the time when it first came out! Iím so glad I now have the chance to play it again!
Cuka (01/15/2007)
i love this game
Number74rocks (11/12/2006)
It took me forever to get this game but itís worth it.
Eric dilworth (10/13/2006)
I think this game is entertaining for kids!
Pinkycute (10/08/2006)
I love this game. If i had the time i would play it all day non stop.
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 05/03/2006)
Run this game under Windows XP/2000/98/95.
1) Extract the zip file to your harddrive (example: c:\crunch)
3) Start the game with Crunch.exe

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