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DOS Games > Arcade Action > D > Defender for DOS


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1983    |     Publisher: Atari Inc.    |     Developer: Atari
Game Review (written by Djdaz) Added on: 05/05/2007
I remember the first time I played this game, with its addictive gameplay and speed. It's responsable for a life time of gaming on all different formats from the arcades to my pc.
And that was the thing with this game, a true classic. When you speak to people who play 'retro' games itís always held in high esteem, keeping company with pac-man, space invaders and other games which got an entire generation hooked.
Its gameplay is from a time when games were made to be fun.
Not relying on flashy graphics or over complicated stories. Indeed, it follows the format for that time, Aliens are attacking the earth and a hero is needed to stop them abducting your people. Easy game premise, but where this game shines is how it went about 'Defending' the planet. You take control of a small fighter ship, equipped with lasers and smart bombs and are charged with patrolling a continuous scrolling screen. The landscape represents mountains and the people happily minding their own business across this scene. The aliens attack from the top of the screen and itís up to you to destroy them, either on the way down, or as they climb back up with their human captive in tow. Whilst
youíre dispatching one group of invaders, another is making off with your people. So you need to get there quickly, and that was easy! This game was one of the fastest off its time, indeed you would zip along at such speeds that you'd be dead before you know what hit you, and worse still, if you got there you had to dispatch the alien without hitting your own man, easier said than done!
Originally released in 1980 by Williams electronics. Defender has appeared on nearly all gaming platforms from the arcade table top, to the current next generation consoles. It even had an outing on the gameboy, and a game as fast as defender shouldn't be played on a screen that small!
I'm sure that the next generation of gamers will love this game as much as me, and when they need educating about the history of computer games, this game will always be close to the top of the list.
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Mayfield (09/30/2011)
The greatest test of reflexes in its time. It had a more that prosperous run. Only a couple of us were able to tun this mutha-suka over. But you can bet we all paid our dues. one quarter at a time. Until we mastered the game and out timing and out bodies worked perfectly in sync like a well oiled machine. I'd love to purchase an original classic arcade machine to keep in my home.
Jack (05/22/2010)
It took about 4 months between (or during) University lectures to 'clock' Defender. Once up to about 600,000 you had the speed, concentration and technique to continue quite quickly onward towards the 1,000,000. Clocking took 1.5 hours. Some machines got easy (back to Wave 1) when you clocked it others just kept at the same level of difficulty. It didn't matter, in fact it was preferable to continue at the hard level. The longest I played continuously was 3hrs 15min. I couldn't look at the screen any longer and my fingers hurt. Each wave arrived in 1-2 seconds unlike most games today - Defender was and is the most intensive shooting game. After that , for a break from studied I cycled to Salthill and played to 'clock' for 1.5hrs, then cycled back all for 10p. It was the best ever and nothing compares. partly because of the audience you can inspire in an arcade and not notice until you stop. You don't get hat at home.
Ricky (01/14/2010)
defender still is my best all time game, i remember going to the arcade every day just to play defender, it was the first side screen playing game i remember.
Daxter2010 (01/10/2010)
i remember this in the arcades in the 80's. it was/is a classic and it was fast non stop action. I later played it on a BBC b microcomputer and the controls were transferred to a keyboard. I recall my thumbs being so sore from firing the shift key i had to stop playing.
Tony (12/16/2009)
fantastic game, played for many years in nz, had one at a airforce canteen , played it with a mate every night without missing a night. really want to buy a arcade machine of it.
Jbendig (09/13/2009)
still one of the great 80's games. hopefully i can find defender II out there and waste some more time with that.
Kiwidave68 (10/04/2008)
Most fast food shops had a Defender or a Pacman machine in the corner. In New Zealand we hung around a Defender machine for years during the 80's. Every kid in town wanted to clock it. As basic as it looks, it is my all time favorite and you need to have a fast mind and quick reactions to survive it.
Edisonx (09/02/2008)
I can't believe there are so few comments. I have been in love with this game since pretty much the dawn of time.
Dmstewart (07/16/2008)
This is one of the great old-school games. It's a classic side-scroll shooter with a bit of a twist, and I remember playing it as a kid.

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