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DOS Games > Arcade Action > G > G-Nome for DOS


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1997    |     Publisher: 7th Level    |     Developer: 7th Level
Game Review (written by Phoenix54021) Added on: 01/02/2007
In this game you, a mercenary, take control of a large robot in a futuristic war against an opposing faction. This SCI-FI combat game takes a little while to get used to as there is a lot you need to do to survive combat.
You are a MERC. You fight SCORPION soldiers to stop them from obtaining the G-Nome to create a super soldier in order to wreak havoc in the galaxy. The introduction grips you with its opening sequence that emulates an incoming communication on a high-tech computer interface.
This interface can be accessed throughout the game to access various specs of enemy and friendly forces and equipment.
One of the greatest features of this game is the EJECT button. You can actually leave your robot to engage in combat on foot. Use caution when doing this however, you cannot stand up to a large force while out of your vehicle.
I first played this game in 1995. It came with a new computer, and at the time I was blown away by the graphics, which are not at all impressive by today’s standards. The story is also fairly weak. However, it does flow well.
Having been a novice PC Game player, I never finished this game, however I would like to play it again. The concept is very
attractive and it is one of those games that you will always remember, even years after you’ve finished playing.
This game reminds me of a PS2 game called Armored Core and its sequels (by AGETEC). In both games, you take control of large combat robots as an independent soldier-for-hire. Though the combat styles differ, there are many similarities. I strongly suggest that if you’ve played one of these games, you check out the other.
This can be a very addictive game. Pay close attention to your hotkeys and practice. Become proficient with your weapons before you get to later levels as the intensity will increase rapidly. Also, you should constantly review your tactics and adapt them to new situations. As soon as you think you're getting good, the game will throw a curve-ball and change things up, so remain felxible.
As always, the more you immerse yourself in the story, the better the game will seem and the more fun you will have with it. Have patience and enjoy!
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Massivemushroom (12/12/2010)
Use to play this game constantly .was very addicting. I too was never able to complete the game but now I would like to give it another shot. little older and more patient.
Tombombadil99 (09/27/2008)
Beautiful game, the first 3d game I ever played. Even today it stands out in just pure awesomeness, and is undoubtably the #1 mech game ever, in my mind at least.
Paul (07/31/2008)
I also loved this game. The best part was spoofing frequencies and joining an enemy convoy. Ah. Also the polite "have a nice day" chic voice right before getting zapped into oblivion.
Indian77 (07/30/2008)
Great game. Had the demo of this back in the day! For the standards of that time, I think it was definitely a good game. I spent hours on it and it was just the demo. I think I will have a lot of fun with the full version.
B (07/24/2008)
This was one of the first computer games I played and I loved it. I'm glad I found it.
Pc2k (03/31/2008)
This was my first 3D PC game.
X0v.ghd (12/20/2007)
This was my favorite game way back in the day. It will keep me busy for many hours. The graphics are great! Best game for it's time.
Madlarkin8 (08/16/2007)
This was my first 3-d video game so itís always got a special place in my heart. This game rocks no matter what the ratings were or how many people bought it and I sometimes look back and say: What the hell! Why is this 2006 robot/mech game not as good as G-nome?
Ja (01/26/2007)
I love this game. G-nome might be the G-narliest game ever.

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