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DOS Games > Arcade Action > G > Gods for DOS


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1991    |     Publisher: Renegade Software    |     Developer: Bitmap Brothers
Game Review (written by Alexgrant) Added on: 02/16/2007
Gods, an action packed game which takes you through several exhilarating action-packed levels is a game which can be enjoyed by all ages. The real allure of this game, for me, was that it reminded me of the Ninja Turtle and Duke Nukem games of my youth. The bottom line is that this game is both fun and riveting, and is sure to be enjoyed by all. The game itself plays in a similar way to a platform game. The protagonist of the game goes through a number of levels.
In each level you defeat some sort of monster. They appear to have a similar root in Greek mythology.
As a mortal in a huge world of mythology, your only task is to survive. In fact the monsters bet that you cannot. Thus, the point of the game: if you complete your challenge you are awarded one wish but if you fail then you die. By the way, your character is very Hercules like. Though not completely original, this game is a gem. Along with intense battle sequences, the game also includes some interesting and mind-bending puzzles that you are left to solve.
The game as a whole is broken down into three main worlds, the first world slows you into intense
battle. It is a basic training wheel world. When you get yourself to the end of the world and defeat the beautifully drawn baddie, you are given a password so you donít have to complete the whole thing again. This is a fantastic feature because it allows you to get right to the point if you ever put the game down, which I doubt you will because it is so awesomely rich.
Another thing to mention is the item system in the game. It is a standard platform item system. The levels are riddled with items like keys, power boosts, and sick weapons that you can use. Eventually you run into a shop keeper, if you have enough gold (which is also collected in the levels and by killing baddies) you can upgrade to some pretty sweet weapons.
There are other items you can get such as spare lives and potions to restore health. Other items that you can buy include kick ass homing balls of fire and dare I say GODLY weapons. In closing, this game is perhaps one of the best finds. It is action-packed, exciting, and challenging.
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Rollskunk (01/18/2011)
Arcade Game . With the player on movingability bi-verse screen video, jumping and back down. You have to met some simpatic game mind and enemys to fight with different weapons . Nice Graphic and Sounds simple approach to game control!
S0litaire (09/13/2008)
Gods is without a doubt The Bitmap Brothers finest hour; set in ancient Greece, you are a warrior bent on glory. Your task is to rid your city of demons and prove yourself immortal. The game features some of the finest graphics seen in an arcade game, and the best sound effects this side of a recording studio. Many of the adversaries feature a unique intelligence system that allows them to 'think' their way to defeating you. Combined with a program that 'monitors' the player's performance and tunes the gameplay accordingly, Gods is the complete gaming experience for players of all ages and abilities.
Letissier (08/26/2008)
Fantastic - been looking for this for ages. Time to enter the timewarp and go back to when my PC had 1 MB of RAM (yes one!) and a 40MB hard drive! The processing speed was a whopping 12Mgh and it had a 'turbo' light! The games had to have good 'game play' in those days and this was one of the best.
Spellbound (06/11/2008)
I remember when I was 16 I loved this game and still do. Better than a fantasy! GODS was one of the first 486 enhanced games that was first loaded to my Ultratech brand computer. I know!.I'm old he he
Fhfgh (11/08/2007)
Great game!
Spuddling (11/03/2007)
I remember this game from a long time ago when I was about 10, enjoyed it heaps then and will enjoy it now! Great game
Kelsterdotcom (09/17/2007)
I absolutely adored Gods when I was about 11 - and I still adore it. Music and graphics both excellent.
Louise reed (08/26/2007)
This is a great game.
Yung84 (01/24/2007)
if you’re a fan of platform games this one is a must have
Eagles_ern87 (12/12/2006)
This game was fun. I liked it a lot.

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