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DOS Games > Arcade Action > G > Grand Theft Auto London 1969 for DOS

Grand Theft Auto London 1969

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1999    |     Publisher: Rockstar Games, Inc.    |     Developer: DMA Design
Game Review (written by Astronaut1980) Added on: 02/14/2008
I originally bought this game for the playstation one when it came out about 10 years ago, it is identical to the original GTA albeit set in London during 1969 (as the name implies). The premise is identical: you are sent to a bank of phones to begin new missions, the missions are all very formulaic, mainly utilizing vehicles that you steal along the way. Sometimes you'll be required to fit a car with a bomb and blow up a police station, take out a gang or some other criminal act.

You can get various weapons and upgrades, beginning with the simple punch attack you can upgrade to a pistol and a machine gun, and also collect body armor, health and police bribes to lose your wanted level. The wanted level is raised when you commit crimes like killing people and blowing up cars and if you don't lose it the police will gradually hunt you down. The cars are all based around the cars of 1969 London, with minis black cabs, London buses, motorbikes and many more.
The game is still fun to play, although I always disliked not being able to see what was up the road; you'll frequently hit oncoming cars if you are driving a particularly fast car like a police
Grand Theft Auto London 1969Grand Theft Auto London 1969Grand Theft Auto London 1969
car or a jaguar. Sometimes you can also get lost, the roads can be like mazes sometimes and a knowledge of your surroundings helps when you need to collect a specific upgrade.
All in all it is a very simplified version of the seminal GTA 3, and for younger people that didn't grow up with such games it is interesting to see how the game evolved into the franchise that it has now become. I personally prefer this version to the original, it has more character (maybe because I'm English), and when you die it even says 'you're brown bread' which is a nice bit of cockney flavor. When it came out this game was exceptional and me and my friend took turns playing it for days on end. If you liked any other GTA you will probably like this, I'd have to give it 8/10.
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Lol (08/09/2010)
cool game, in fact, gta 1 and 2 are up for download in rockstar classics! despite that, it has withstood the test of time as a classic and a milestone in gaming
Theresonly1gav (06/26/2010)
I loved this game when it first came out! A great creation for the P.C. and so user-friendly. Guaranteed to keep you gaming for a very long time without getting bored!
Harshit (06/09/2010)
thats realy realy very good game. i like it too much.hope it will same that cool which is now .
Dvs983 (05/22/2010)
i love this british game, soo much fun and more enjoayble than the original. I wish they were to make a new version of this game, the classics always tend to offer fun gameplay as well as the cult following this series.
Santos hernandez (11/09/2009)
I think is a great game for all the time and is one of my favorite in my collections. because I love this kind of games, you can do whatever thing you want: kill, steal, hide and the best break the law.
Appu121212 (10/12/2009)
lovely great game i played as a kid the missions were mind blowing clear graphics & cool or very cool i must say
Kfresh (02/23/2008)
I love grand theft auto so much, it is such an awesome game I would really like to have it on my pc, trust me you will love this game.
Ramess (02/19/2008)
Nice game.

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