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DOS Games > Arcade Action > H > House of the Dead, The for DOS

House of the Dead, The

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1996    |     Publisher: Sega    |     Developer: AM1
Game Review (written by Naraku321) Added on: 12/20/2006
The house of the dead is a rather simple game. I don't own the game but the arcade version is easily found. The story is rather simple going into a house swarming with zombies to rescue a loved one, then attempting revenge against the one responsible. The game uses the traditional light gun, a controller used quite often in first person shooters. To reload you have to aim outside the screen and fire.
Several bonuses are hidden throughout the levels, mostly hidden behind crates or other breakable items.
The game is unique because of a choosing your own adventure way of playing. By saving certain people or killing certain zombies you can go completely different paths. The paths don't serve anything to the story however, it just allows different exploration. There are four main bosses, each are named after one of the primary tarot fortune telling cards. The graphics are detailed but simple, exact clones appear through out the entire game.
Attacking the zombies is fun as well; the zombies are interactive because the parts you shoot are the parts that explode in a bloody mess. Also the blood comes in a variety of colours from simple red to greens, and purples. The first time I played the game
House of the Dead, TheHouse of the Dead, TheHouse of the Dead, The
was in an arcade in Vancouver, easily it was one of the first, first person shooters I played, except for Jurassic park. I ran out of money before I could even beat the game, it's really fast paced and a little frightening. The game isn't lighting dark but the zombies can scare you by popping out of nowhere.
The house of the dead is the first in a series with three sequels so far as well as rumours of a fifth game. But easily my favourite is the first, you can't beat the original. Easily I liked fighting the bosses, they got easy after a while but I would challenge myself to see if I could beat them without losing any life. The bosses are creative, spanning away from typical giant zombies, Chariot looks like a science fiction creature, Hangedman a gargoyle, Hermit a spider, and Magician is pretty creative.
The game-play itself is really simple but itís hard to get tired of. With all the zombie games out there, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, etc, The House of the Dead is easily one of the best.
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Abumo2003 (12/27/2010)
Excellent game. Pure classic. Excellent games but HOTD is one of my favorites.Greatest game ever, kind of creepy, slightly eerie but at the same time really beautiful. So much fun and so much money was wasted at the arcade on this game.
Rohit (07/10/2009)
This game is excellent. It's the best game I've ever played. My rating is 98%. I play this game all the time and I can't stop, it's so addicting. Everyday when I get home, I get right on the computer and start playing it right away.
Smurf4848 (04/25/2009)
This game is awesome, I highly recommend this game because it has zombies in it. Plus the zombies are popping out of no where and scaring the crap out of you every second of the game.
Saeeda (03/09/2009)
The house of the dead game is one of my favorite games. I was looking for this game and finally I got it.
Dj_frantic (03/06/2009)
This game was the bomb back then, I still miss when those zombies blew up on the screen and my friends would jump.
Bay_beegrl (12/27/2008)
This website is amazing! I've been looking everywhere for this game and can only find it here!
Gamesking (12/23/2008)
OMG I've been looking everywhere for this game and found it here! This is the best game downloading website ever!
Ashoosh (12/02/2008)
It's a very nice game indeed House of the Dead is my favorite first person shooter arcade series ever! I love playing it.
Psy (11/26/2008)
I like old lightgun shooter games, so the series of The Houses of the Dead is one of the best games.
Shafez (11/25/2008)
Its a perfect game for getting some energy out! And you can also scream as much as you want. ;)
Kpo13 (11/21/2008)
This is a really good game, my favorite out of the whole series. It's so orignal and it's alot more fun than any other House of the Dead game. It's so awesome!
Thangam (11/16/2008)
Excellent game. Pure classic. I used to play this on the Sega Saturn. Now I have it on my laptop and I'm readdicted to it. It's also a lot easier to play with a mouse than a lightgun.
Palwasha bilal (11/12/2008)
This is a very horror filled game and interesting movie . I like it very much . It is a fantastic game.
Anagramad (10/14/2008)
I rember playing this game years ago, I found it hard, but amazingly addictive. This series are my favorite first person shooters. The bosses are a bit random, but so is the storyline, but hey it's still awsome.
Vikas_pareek2384 (10/09/2008)
Donteattoomuch (10/05/2008)
Oh my god, I didn't expect this to be here. I LOVE this game. I have no words to explain how AWESOME this game is!
Trialnerror (10/03/2008)
I remember spending my allowance everyday at the arcade for this game. Even missing lunch just to play this game after school.
Vinctn02 (09/30/2008)
This game is brilliant! Fearsomly good fun (especially in two player mode). Tense, exciting action that grabs you and doesn't let up, yet easy to play and harder to master.
Zafarul (09/13/2008)
Easy to play, even my daughter can play this game.Very nice game, scary game and enjoyable.
Owen (09/06/2008)
This was one of my favorite arcade shooter games. Greatest game ever, kind of creepy, slightly eerie but at the same time really beautiful. So much fun and so much money was wasted at the arcade on this game.
Anser (08/25/2008)
This is a fantastic game. This game is quite an interesting one. Its very cool to use it.
Neeraj (08/24/2008)
This game is very interesting and fun playing. Every person should play this game in free time.
Spawn456 (08/22/2008)
Man this game is awsome, yeah sure when u play it in the arcade it feels great but here at home its really fun. thanks for the download!
Gamermiche (08/09/2008)
It's fun to play with and it's the best shooting game i've played so far. I like it very much.
Fahad (08/07/2008)
The best ever horror game I have played before. I like this game so much. Have the experience of this ever best horror game.
Devil_girl6578 (08/05/2008)
I love this game but I lost it when my old computer crashed quite a few years ago. I am glad I could find it after so long.
Semideus (07/27/2008)
Yeah cool game. I love it and I need more from this. I love HOTD,I love most rail shooter games but HOTD is one of my favorites!
Esraa hesham (07/25/2008)
Very interisting game. I have played it since I was 10 years old, but be careful that will attack your heart.
Appu (07/24/2008)
I love HOTD,I love most rail shooter games but HOTD is one of my favorites.Greatest game ever, kind of creepy, slightly eerie but at the same time really beautiful. So much fun and so much money was wasted at the arcade on this game.
Tom b (06/24/2008)
Excellent game. Pure classic. Excellent! 8/10

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